This category is for sites criticizing the belief in the various codes or methods of interpretion in holy books involving numerology. Many books, including the Bible, the Qur'an, and the Book of Mormon, are believed to have messages hidden inside them through which believers can foretell the future or discover knowledge. Gematria is the practice of assigning numerical values to letters, then finding hidden meanings of words by adding up the letters. This is practiced most frequently with Greek or Hebrew words and phrases in the Bible. Theomatics can refer to gematria or to other types of holy book codes. The most common type of theomatics is ELS, or the equidistant letter sequence phenomenon. Through this method, a search is done through a text picking up every Nth letter. These letters are believed to produce meaningful words and phrases.

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Barry Simon on Torah Codes
Articles, answers to challenges, experimental data, and Real Audio and Real Video versions of a presentation given on the topic.
The Bible "Codes" - A Textual Perspective
Discusses problems in the Torah code theories with images of Hebrew text to illustrate the ELS phenomenon.
Bible Codes
Several articles detailing research and experimentation by a mathematics professor that disprove the Bible code theories.
Bible Cods: Are Scripture Based Word Puzzles Real?
From a Christian standpoint, arguing that the scriptures are not compatible with Bible codes.
In Search of Mathematical Miracles
Resources and information relating to Ivan Panin and his research and alleged patterns in the Torah or Qur'an.
Skeptic's Dictionary: The Bible (or Torah) Code
Explanation of the methods used to find hidden codes, discussion of the flaws in reasoning and research involved, and links to related sites.
Skeptical Inquirer: Hidden Messages and The Bible Code
Article discussing the probability of finding encoded messages in a given text and giving examples as evidence for the Bible codes being mere coincidences.
Torah Codes - A Non-Expert's Observations
A Christian layman's thoughts on the Bible Code controversy, links to sites both for and against this idea.
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