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Cult Apologist FAQ
Exposing the cults' willing defenders, their "arguments," and investigating their motives.
Cult Information Centre
An educational charity providing advice and information for victims of cults, their families and friends, researchers and the media.
Cult Resource Page
This page lists seminars, education on cults and cultic influences by a variety of professionals, survivors, authors, and educators, in the field of cults.
Cults 'R Us Hit List
Killer cults are usually led by charismatic megalomaniacs.
Cults and Cultic Influences
Cults resources and referrals to help
Dr. Cathleen Mann, Cult specialist and court qualified expert.
Dr. Cathleen Mann, Cult specialist and court qualified expert.
The Edmonton Society Against Mind Abuse
The Edmonton Society Against Mind Abuse was founded in 1985. Our main objectives are: - To help families of cult members and ex-members of cults. - To inform the public about the cult phenomenon. - To promote the study of the cult phenomenon.
Education and resources on cults
Founded after the death of his daughter, lost to a cult, Mr. Tibor Stern offers, many resources of intervention, education, and hope for families who have lost loved ones to cultic influences.
Ethics and The Modern Guru
Investigation and education on current cults, with a bi-yearly magazine, radio shows, and public awareness seminars.
ex-cult Archive
Basic archive on many controversial groups and their leaders -- usually from former members' perspective.
Community-type site for ex-disciples of the Morningland cult. Contains news, resources, mailing list, chat room and details of reunions.
Examining CESNUR
A look at the pro-cult stance of CESNUR.
Help regarding Cults, Sects, Human Rights Abuses, Brainwashing and Mind Control. Specializing in breaking news.
Resource center on cultic thinking.
inFormer Ministry
"... in service of cult victims and their families."
International Cultic Studies Association
Information on cults, cultic groups, abuse, manipulation. Practical assistance services for families; cult members' recovery support; cultic studies research for educators and professionals.
Massimo Introvigne and The CESNUR Case
"Center for Studies on New Religions", an international research organization which receives public funds from the Piemonte Region since 1996 - and its connections to T.F.P. ("Tradition, Family and Property") a Brazilian extreme right-wing cult.
The Mother of God
The Mother of God by Luna Tarlo. A mother's account of her experience as a disciple of her own son - Andrew Cohen.
New England Institute for Religious Research
Dedicated to assisting persons trapped in high-control religious groups and cults.
Newspaper on cults
Cult news, Cult Resources
Project Bluelight
An anti-cult investigative agency specializing in the recovery of children and the elderly.
Reflections in the Night
Offers essays, resources, and links to organisations fighting child pornography and ritual abuse.
The Tommy Garcia Story
The story of two children taken by their mother to be raised by Father Divine and the Peace Mission Movement. Includes newspaper articles.
Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center
The US's only residential treatment facility for recovering cult victims. Offers counseling and personal care for recovering cult victims, support for loved ones, and educational programs regarding the cult problem.
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