Sites that assert that the commonly accepted story of Jesus has either been falsified or is a myth.

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Christ a Fiction
Article by Robert M. Price where he states that the historical Jesus is a fiction.
The Christ Conspiracy
A collection of links to sites stating that Jesus never existed and it's all a big conspiracy.
Did Jesus Christ Really Live?
Article by Marshall J. Gauvin that comes to the conclusion that the Jesus Christ of the Gospels could not possibly have been a real person but they may be about a real person.
Did Jesus Ever Live or Is Christianity Founded Upon A Myth?
Article by Historicus of United Secularists of America, Inc.
Did Jesus of Nazareth exist?
Attempts to give views from all sides of the issue, with emphasis on the views that Jesus did not exist as popularly believed.
Do Part of the Christian Gospels Come from Pagan Mythology?
Discusses the similarities between the stories of Christ as told in the gospels and the stories of figures in pagan myths, with the implication that the stories of Jesus are also myths.
Events in Jesus' Life that People Disagree About
Lists various events in Jesus' life that people disagree about, such as if he existed, where he was born and his physical characteristics and sexual orientation.
Historicity Of Jesus FAQ
An analysis of the historical record.
Jesus Mysteries Yahoo! Group
A mailing list for people interested in discussing whether Jesus was a historical figure.
The Jesus of History: A Reply to Josh McDowell
An article by Gordon Stein, Ph.D. disproving Josh McDowell's arguments of the authenticity of the gospels' account of Jesus.
Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth
Christianity inherited monotheism, Heaven, the sacrificed savior son of god, resurrection, baptism, the Eucharist and more from ancient pagan religions.
The Truth About Jesus - Is He A Myth?
Presents series of studies on the question of the historicity of Jesus, presented from time to time before the Independent Religious Society in Orchestra Hall.
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