This category provides information about the International Churches of Christ, also known as the Boston Movement, led by Kip McKean. Started in the 1970's, members of the International Churches of Christ believe they are the one true church, God's modern-day movement. Current members seeking un-filtered information about the ICOC, for journalists pursuing information about the group, and former members of the "movement".

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Organization of former members of the International Churches of Christ and predecessor religious groups. Contains first hand accounts of life in the ICC by former members, theological analyses of ICC beliefs, psychological analyses of ICC practices, information on thought reform and how abusive churches implement thought reform and psychological abuses.
Amelia Kleymann
One former member of the International Church of Christ (Kansas City) tells her story here.
The Discipling Dilemma
A study of the discipling movement. Free online book about the Boston Church of Christ/International Churches of Christ.
Ex-ICC Member's Online Forum
A discussion forum for former members of Kip McKean's International Churches of Christ.
The ICC Discussion Forum
For the discussion of the beliefs and practices of the International Churches of Christ. All welcomed.
Seeks to document the shady financial dealings of the International Churches of Christ.
International Church of Christ vs. the Bible
Scriptural arguments against the ICC's understanding of baptism, its identification of itself with the Kingdom of Heaven, and its suggestion that additional works are needed after salvation to "make it to heaven."
International Churches of Christ (ICC)
An entry in the Apologetics Index. Large collection of links and commentary about the ICOC.
International Churches of Christ Debate
Now-archived discussion of the doctrines and practices of the International Churches of Christ.
Triumphing Over London Cults
Information on the International Churches of Christ. Includes media reports and articles from former cult members.

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