For sites by non-Catholics criticizing the Catholic Church or its doctrines.

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Antichrist Conspiracy
Exposes the Romish church as a minion of Satan.
The Berean Beacon
Evangelistic ministry to Catholics, and Biblical truth for evangelicals flirting with ecumenism. Run by a former priest.
Chick Publications
Publishes evangelistic material: includes several comic books and tracts critical of Catholicism.
A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism
Site of Robert M. Zins, author, conference speaker, debater and theologian who has been involved in the evangelization of Roman Catholics for many years.
False Union With Rome
A highly critical view from the Orthodox Christian Information Center.
Fascinating Reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics
Learn of the free gift of eternal life and forgiveness of all sins through trusting faith solely in Jesus Christ. Presents scriptures supporting non-Catholic doctrine.
Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
By Charles Chiniquy. In this 1886 book he asserts that the Jesuits killed Abraham Lincoln.
Just for Catholics
An evangelical site for Catholics who are ready to repent of Roman Catholicism and want to know how to be saved.
Mission to Catholics International
A fundamental/evangelical ministry reaching Roman Catholics with the Biblical message of salvation.
New-Light Ministries
Civil criticism of Catholicism.
Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries
Leading Roman Catholics to saving faith in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Rise and Fall of the Church of Rome
Politics, control and corruption of Catholicism seen through historical examination and discussion of 21 ecumenical councils.
Roman Catholicism
Articles analyzing the doctrines and practices of Catholic theology from a Christian perspective. Emphasis on the Bible, Mary, Purgatory, and justification.
Roman Catholicism Is a Cult
Warns Bible Christians that the Roman Catholic Church is not the church of Christ, and that the purpose of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is to create doctrine which the Holy Bible does not contain.
The See Change Campaign
Organization campaigning to reverse the Vatican's current status as a non-member state permanent observer in the United Nations.
Things People Do, That Infuriate the King
How the teaching of Purgatory secretly kills your faith.

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