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Attempts to discredit Gail Riplinger, author of New Age Bible Versions, whose books defend the KJV and argue against modern translations.
Best-Selling Errancy
An essay on inconsistencies in the Bible by Mark D. Ball, Ph.D., with notes and bibliography.
The Bible Forum
Bible debate forum, everyone is welcome to express their views using Scripture. The purpose of this forum is to learn the truth.
Bible Perspectives
Identifies and discusses contradictions, flaws and failures of the Bible, while also putting it in perspective as an important collection of ancient texts which provides illumination about the origins of Western religious and cultural beliefs.
Biblical Criticism page offers annotated links to more than a dozen signed articles disputing accounts in the Bible and questioning its accuracy.
Biblical Errancy page offers annotated links to more than a dozen signed articles disputing accounts in the Bible and questioning its accuracy.
The Dark Bible
Quotes from the Bible on the atrocities, pornography, questionable morality, inferiority of women, and paradoxes.
Classifies claims of biblical error according to their strength.
A survey of apparent contradictions in the Bible. Asks users to rate and comment on each alleged error.
Evil Bible
Highlights immoral acts that the Bible apparently condones.
The Holey Bible
Contradictions, mistakes and fallacies in the King James Holy Bible. A primer against literalist creationism or religious anti-evolution advocates.
The Hundredth Sheep
Is the Bible the word of God or an invention of man?
Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Problems
An atheist criticizes biblical inconsistencies.
KJV Only Error
The bible is not God's love letter, it is man's record of God's love. The KJV is not error free. No new testament writer claimed to be inspired or infallible.
Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?
This article makes a case for ascribing authorship of the Fourth Gospel in the New Testament (the Gospel of John) to Mary Magdalene.
Skeptic's Annotated Bible
An online Christian Bible reference for unbelievers, with all of the embarrassing and/or questionable parts highlighted for easy reference.
The Unspoken Bible
Dedicated to exposing the sins of omission and commission in the Bible.
Veritas et Ratio: The Bible and Christianity - The Historical Origins
A secular view of the origins of Christianity and its scriptures.
What the Christian Fundamentalist Doesn't Want You to Know
Scott Bidstrup debunks the Bible, citing chapter and verse for each point he makes, with summary essay.

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