This category is specific to information regarding matters of awakening spirit and soul, and the growth and expansion of involvement and awareness of spirit in our lives. Not to be confused with religious or theological themes, spiritual growth is intended to assist those who wish to seek a more peaceful, conscious, and spiritual life for themselves.

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11:11 Digital Time Code
Physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of DNA.
11:11 Spirit Guardians
Explanation of the 1,111 spirit guardians, the 11:11 time prompt, and understanding this spiritual wake up call.
About Conscious Living
Conscious Life Mastery resource site. A collection of mused information, services, forum, free e-books and blog to bring the New Age into alignment with the Old Knowledge.
Alan Cohen Programs and Publications
Personal site for this author best known for "Chicken Soup for the Soul", includes information on available titles, training, events, and articles.
Asheville Sangha
A group dedicated to self realization, non-duality and awakening in Asheville, NC. We study GangaJi, Eckhart Tolle, PapaJi among others. Join us for regular satsang.
Audio Dharma
Archive of Dharma (audio) talks given by various speakers. Guides to enlightenment and end of suffering.
Awakening sense
About waking up from the dream of life to the pull of awakening.
Conscious Living Foundation
Created to encourage living with more awareness. Offering quotations and affirmations, newsletter, free e-books, and spiritual resources.
Crystal Wind PathworX
Designed for everyone seeking information, knowledge, and tools for self-enlightenment and divine guidance of self on the path to ascension. Includes video, articles and news.
God Is An Ocean
Living consciously, in unity, and with love. Ways of changing your life through changing your beliefs, and perspective to live a fulfilling life through all of life's challenges.
Goddard, Philip
Healer and promoter of self realization / self actualization. Includes articles and guides to self realization methods.
Inner Frontier
Exploring practical spirituality with personal articles on balance and depth found in a spiritual practice, offers on site workshops in Baltimore, Maryland.
Lessons for Living
Awakening opportunities through cycles of change, dealing with depression, managing stress, the enneagram, the labyrinth, the wheel of life, a newsletter, bookstore, and discussion forums.
Living from Consciousness
Tom Stine discusses all aspects of spiritual awakening from the more descriptive to practical considerations.
Murdo MacDonald-Bayne
Dedicated to the man, giving some details of his earlier life and spiritual path. Offers course and links to learn spiritual path and eternal truth.
New Life Awakening
Free self improvement and personal growth courses and seminars that combine Eastern wisdom with Western psychology, and a blog.
New Path to Awareness
A place to develop spirituality through meditation, and lessons of enlightenment and inspiration.
The nVisible
A personal and universal transformational site focusing on the 11:11 offering news and information, related products, and a virtual community.
Oceanic Metaphysical Temple
A nexus point for truth seekers in search of psycho-spiritual guidance and profound insight into metaphysics, ancient and cosmic mysteries, mystical experiences, multi-dimensionality, year 2012, planetary awakening, and enlightenment.
The Path We Have Travelled
Inspirational story from severe abuse, addiction and jail to Peace and Love using AA, therapy and other available help. Includes many writings, recommendations and resources.
The Peaceful Warrior's Way
Personal site for author Dan Millman offering seminar schedules, blog, products, consultations, and general information about the man and his work.
PhoenixTools - Tools for Transformation
Over 200 original articles & poetry, free self-healing & transformation tools covering the main categories of: spiritual awakening, self-healing, energy healing, healing our planet and kundalini transformation.
Projecto Alexandra Solnado
Alexandra Solnado Project - Therapy of the Soul is a spiritual project with a strong therapeutic element.
Seeds Of Intentions Blog
Spiritual Blog devoted to spiritual growth, The Law Of Attraction, Power vs. Force, evolving consciousness and an awakening planet. [RSS]
Soul Progress
Teachings that address the universal spiritual needs of human beings. Down to earth and useful guidance about the relationship with god, self, and others.
Spirit and Soul
Articles and personal writings, prophecies and channeled material, and general information regarding a variety of New Age and spiritual topics.
Spirit Breath
Sharing spiritual wisdom harvested in experience through articles, seminars, and products related to meditation, chanting, reiki, breathwork, and astrology.
Spiritual Journeys
There is so much more in life then living on a superficial materialistic level. Invitation to a spiritual journey in the outer world to sacred sites and an exploration of the inner world. Discover potential, destiny and fulfillment.
Starlight Intuitions
Exploration of spirituality, holistic health, meditation, self improvement, psychic development, synchronicity, Angels, Tarot, Astrology and other methods of divination, compassionate parenting, ethical and environmental issues.
Starlight Intuitions
Community forum for spiritually minded, on holistic healing, TCM, tarot, runes, angels, meditation, mediumship, psychic development, astrology, paranormal phenomena, compassionate living.
The Total Human
Experiential retreats designed to awaken the soul's potential in the areas of health and wellness, creativity, women's retreats, yoga and meditation, vision questing, as well as a free quarterly e-newsletter.
Truth Contest
Truth Contest is a place to seek, define, and spread the truth of life and death, the ultimate truth. Give us some truth.
The Violet Flame
Defines the violet flame and explains its use in self-transformation by spiritual alchemists and those simply seeking higher spirituality.
Vision Carriers
Minister and artist Deborah Singletary offers a unique experience devoted to both her ministerial offerings, artwork and self-actualizing art workshops.
Wisdom from the Gardens
Author Dr. Mary Beth Ford offers a blueprint for life balance to help busy people who want to live with Spirit in the world. Includes a brief talk by the author, book excerpt, newsletters and upcoming events.
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