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Points, gemstones, animal totems, and good luck symbols and charms. Also offers figurines and stone carvings.
Bezoar Mustika Pearls
Animal and plant pearls, bezoar stones, and mustikas worn as amulets and charms for ritual work and healing.
Blue Moon Crystals and Jewelry
Quartz clusters and points, polished stones, and assorted minerals.
Boji Stones
Metaphysical crystals and stones for healing.
Bounty of Mother Earth
Featuring large quartz crystal balls, pyramids, clusters, points, and jewelry.
Cast A Stone
Stones and crystals engraved with reiki symbols, runes, goddesses, and other metaphysical symbols.
Crystal and Fossils
Online shop for all your unusual gift ideas like crystals and fossils.
Crystal Connection
Metaphysical bookstore and gift shop offering crystals.
Crystal Fair Gem and Mineral Show
San Francisco based show taking place six times a year.
The Crystal Garden
Provides a listing of books,products,events and classes.
The Crystal Lady
Arkansas rock crystal,thought to possess mystical properties
Crystal Life Technology
Natural gemstone jewelry for spiritual metaphysical healing.
The Crystal Man
Offers a variety of crystals, clusters, and points. Also offers fossils and minerals.
Crystal Master at Rosley's Rocks & Gems
Metaphysical and New Age crystals, minerals and jewelry.
Crystal Seen Trading
Metaphysically-oriented manufacturer,specializing in jewelry.
Crystal Spirit
Sacred soothing music played on 35 quartz crystal bowls.
Crystal Tones
Singing bowls made with amethyst, rose quartz, and other minerals, gemstones, and precious metals. Includes chakra information, charts, and guided meditations.
Crystal Wings of Mount Shasta
Offering Vogel cut and many other crystals for healing.
Crystal Works
High quality quartz crystal points and clusters.
Retails a wide range of crystals and mineral specimens.
Crystals Direct
Mail order crystals, power bracelets, chakra balancing sets, and pendulums and rings.
Crystals Enlightenment, Inc.
Shaped, faceted, and engraved crystals.
Crystals Fantasy
Slices, clusters, and tumblestones and jewelry.
Crystals Fossils & Minerals
Offers small specimens to very large pieces.
Dream Seeds
Offering crystal wands, a variety of pendants and jewelry.
Earth Child Crystals
A variety of crystals including elestials, wands, spheres, skulls, and generators.
Specializing in tumblestones and birth, healing, and chakra balancing stones. Located in Glastonbury.
Elivia Motifes
Offering singing crystal bowls,CDs,Sound Healing workshops and Concerts.
Eternal Ice
Offers crystals and gemstones as well as private layouts, classes, and workshops. Includes online shopping with photos and prices of each stone.
Exquisite Crystals
Crystals and minerals to aid in healing.
Foundation for Balance and Harmony
Polished and tumbled stones, merkabas, wands, spheres, and gemstones.
Free Spirit Rainbow Art
Shaped crystals and raw minerals. Includes properties and uses for specific designs.
Global Crystals
Raw form stones from around the world, specializing in amethysts. Includes a discussion forum.
He Hi She Lo
Points and loose stones, jewelry, and pendulums. Features crystal properties and usage instructions.
Herkimer Diamond Crystals
Clear quartz crystals available in raw form or as jewelry.
Jewels of the Earth
Crystals and clusters. Includes web specials and product descriptions.
Kacha Stones
Hand-mined, untreated healing crystals. Also offers jewelry and talismans.
Kaliski Healing Tools
Tune your body, mind, and spirit with Chakra crystal bowls.
Krystalz Crystals
Australian supplier of spheres, pendulums, tumbled stones, and pyramids.
Legendweaver Treasures Incorporated
Natural and polished stones, jewelry, and accessories.
Mahalo Minerals
Offering crystals, minerals, and gemstone jewelry. Includes metaphysical properties of stones.
Millennium Minerals
Offers high-quality metaphysical crystals and gemstones.
Mt. Shasta's Middle Earth
Raw and shaped crystals, minerals, gemstone jewelry, and singing bowls.
North Star Crystals
Spheres and eggs, tumbled stones, pendants and bracelets, and meditation rocks from the UK.
Phantom Quartz Crystals
Your on-line link direct to the mines and lapidary shops.
Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
The Wisdom Light offers quartz crystal singing bowls direct to users.
Hand cut crystal pendants.
Robyn A Harton Creative
Quartz, stones, and hand-crafted jewelry with metaphysical information.
Rocks and Things
Fossils, minerals, gemstones, and metaphysical items.
Singing Rainbow
Offering music therapy singing bowls, as well as crystals.
Soulful Crystals
An online shop offering a variety of healing crystals and tumblestones.
Star Woman Crystals
A variety of points, clusters, and pendants. Also offering goddess items.
Stone Age Crystals and Jewellery
Promotes the practical use of crystals and gemstones.
Talisman Trading Company
Creators and wholesalers of quartz and gemstone carvings.
Wicked Stones
Handcrafted jewelry and gifts from crystals and semi precious stones. Also offers Celtic and pewter designs.

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