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Amana Mission
Independent publisher for a variety of consciousness raising titles.
Awake Spirit Publishing
Dedicated to publications on awakening, non-duality, the essence of enlightenment, and awake living that are in cadence with global transformation.
Blue Dolphin Publishing
Books on comparative cultural and spiritual traditions, psychology, self-help, healing and ecology. Includes online catalog with new releases section and ordering information.
Broqueville Publishing
Books and courses that cover the development of the soul and the true or authentic self.
Darkhorse Press
Small press and web publisher of spiritual and creative books. Features essays, guest writer profiles, archives and ordering information.
Daughters of the Moon
Publisher of books and gifts on Wicca, astrology, tarot and the magical arts.
DeVorss Publications
Metaphysical, inspirational, spiritual, self-help and new age books.
Findhorn Press
Publisher of books on spiritual inspiration, healing, guidance, nature and transformation.
Foundations of Light Publishing
"Honoring the Hermit" series which promotes increasing spiritual awareness.
Gaia Books
Books on environmental issues, natural health, mind, body spirit and environmentally friendly and sustainable living styles. Articles and discussion forum.
Gothic Image
Publishers of esoteric and alternative books based in Glastonbury, England. Includes new titles section and booklists by author and by subject.
Hay House
Well known international publisher for the self-help, spiritual and transformation fields.
Insomniac Press
Publications by Samantha Stevens including Psychic Self Defense and a Guide to Archangels. Also offers calendars.
JZK Publishing
Specializing in the Library of Ancient Wisdom, containing the lost knowledge of ascended masters brought back by Ramtha the Enlightened One.
Light and Ariel Press
Books and tapes on enlightenment and light working. Also offers a calendar of events and message board.
Llewellyn Worldwide
International new age, pagan, divination, and alternative health publisher. Online shopping.
Mandeville Press
Publishes works that offer a contemporary look at the teachings of the spiritual heart and the ancient wisdom of soul transcendence.
Matrix of Mnemosyne
Speciality books about social issues, metaphysics, mythology, and ancient history.
Namaste Publishing
Books, audio, and video of transformational topics highlighting represented authors and speakers.
New Paradigm Books Online
Publisher of books including topics such as time travel, channeling, gurus and psychic abilities. Author profiles, company news and bookstore.
North Atlantic Books
Berkeley-based publisher of cutting-edge books on spirituality, metaphysics, alternative medicine, martial arts and personal growth.
Oneworld Publications
Categories include world religions, multifaith studies, mysticism, inspirational writing, psychology and self-help. Oneworld titles are distributed worldwide by Penguin.
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
Offering non-fiction metaphysical, transformational, and spiritual material.
Publisher of 'Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, a Biography' and distributor of the works of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. Related products and services in natural health and spiritual development.
Tree of Life Productions
Cyberbooks of dreaming, feminist spirituality, gaia consciousness, bio-cosmology, eschatology, quantum mechanics and the shekhinah.
Wisdom Impressions
Publishers of The Nature of the Soul by Lucille Cedercrans.
Yogi Impressions
Offering spiritually oriented books with an eastern theme, which seek to revive mass interest in new age philosophies and enhance the quality of human life.
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