A place for your personal resources for New Age topics. Most of these pages contain a variety of subjects or general overviews of New Age/Metaphysical philosophy. Many are superior in quality to the typical "homepage" in that they contain reference information useful to the seeker, versus just another "My Page About Me." Look for other individual's pages under Alternative Health/Practitioners for personal biographies and services.

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ABC of Spirit Talk
Spirit beings having an earthly experience discussing the power of love to change self, world, and universe.
Aeria Gloris
Random writings concerning a variety of topics including ascension, metaphysics, and the I Ching.
All Considering
The author's thoughts on Buddhism, Theosophy, life and spiritual growth.
Andrew's Chakras, Crystals, and Meditations
Describing the colors and energies of the chakras, crystals, and the aura. Also offers guided meditations and herb information.
The Angel at Hotel California
Tells the story of the Native-American spirituality behind the current Hotel California in Arizona.
Angel Wings
Descriptions of all the angels, angel gallery, poems, quotes and dream analysis.
ANIMAL Teachers
Information regarding spirit animals and their teachings.
Ann Alber's Visions of Heaven
A traditional Reiki master, spiritual instructor, counselor, lecturer and writer. Poetry, and articles.
Ascension Love Spirituality
Articles and quotations on ascension, healing and love, with online book.
One man's thoughts on the new Arthurian movement.
Brother Veritus' Web Page
Covers mystical subjects and information about self-healing, self-improvement, ascension, DNA correction, extraterrestrial sciences and Egyptian mysteries.
Centre for Human Energy
Biography, books and thoughts from Ben Willemsen, teacher of human energy and the ways of the spirit world, counsellor and author.
Conversations With God: a fan site
Dedicated to the Conversations With God Book series by Neale Donald Walsch. Includes quotes, reviews and excerpts from the books, as well as a collection of interviews and biography.
The Cosmic Play
A theory about The Cosmic Play that has been occurring on planet Earth for some time now.
Delusions of Grandeur
A compendium of essays on religious topics like the Qumram-scrolls and kama and tantra compared.
The Divine Heart
Guidance and support to help connect with heart and awaken to divine spirit.
Djuna Wojton - A Visionary Teacher
Information on reiki, past life regression, astrology, tarot and middle eastern belly dancing.
Dreamer's Den
Discusses alternative religion and other issues, and includes crafts, recipes and meditation.
Educator Robert Waxman
An elaborate synthesis of philosophic and religious teachings which can assist humanity in its attempt to understand the nature and purpose of life.
Thoughts on A Course in Miracles, information on Readings, photos of spiritual jewelry and links.
Floating World
A metaphysical journey into time, alternate realities, channeled wisdom, and other mysterious subjects
Fly with the Angels
Angel readings and portraits, descriptions of meetings with dolphins.
From the Stars
Articles and personal thoughts on a variety of topics including synchronicity, universal truths and spirituality vs. religion.
Galen's World
Personal thoughts on what is both right and wrong with the new age movement, together with essays on related topics such as psychics, astrology and balance. Also, information about the author's workshops and classes.
Glinda's Star Connection
Information on psychic readings, tarot, angels, animal spirits, crystals, and astrology.
The Great Illusion
Offering words and images designed to unlock the spiritual path.
The Happy Seeker
Author Christopher Foster offers support, inspiration and encouragement in troubled times. Themes relate to stillness, joy and inner peace.
House of Ideology
Information about, and the manifesto of, the House of Ideology.
A mystical approach to the idea that all paths lead to the same source. Includes articles and class schedules.
Infinite Being
Articles to help build a conscious connection with the universe.
Insight 2000
Inspirational conversations with world-famous authors and speakers regarding personal empowerment.
Short information on aroma therapy, gemstones, meditation, chakras and metaphysics.
John and Micki's Metaphysical Site
Articles on personal growth, metaphysical properties of quartz crystals, a centering exercise, how-to on using a pendulum, and understanding the masculine/feminine side (yin and yang).
John WorldPeace
One man's campaign for world peace and inter-faith understanding, with essays, thoughts and spiritual teachings.
The Life and Art of Jerry Wennstrom
Books, videos, and artwork from this alchemical master, and information about his personal transformation journey.
Life of Learning Foundation
Guy Finley's site promoting self-understanding, insight, and practical applications, includes articles, a bookstore and a monthly chatroom held first Thursday of each month.
Love and Light Bridge around the World
Information about reiki, feng shui, aura-soma, Course in Miracles and spiritual personalities who have inspired the authors.
Loves Parable
Spiritual counselors offering articles and stories about the journey to personal enlightenment.
Magickal Musings
Mary Ellen Gutierrez, a practicing Wiccan priestess and reiki master teacher shares her thoughts on a few new age subjects.
Mother Nature's Children
Personal statements on reality, divinity and such.
My Own Angel Corner
An uplifting spiritual page honoring the Angels through music, art, and poetry.
My Religious Beliefs
Personal thoughts on organized religion and new age beliefs.
Noel Resella
Counselor, writer, and artist offering information on self-integration, meditation, runes and crystals, reiki, tarot, past lives, channeling, and various spiritual paths.
Now Age
San Francisco Astro Chart, a monthly ephemeris, the meaning of color, crystals and stones and the legends of the flowers.
Observations N Perspectives
Various observations and perspectives that focus on the meaning of existence.
Odyssey of the 8th Fire
True epic saga of a walking pilgrimage across North America by people of all colors and faiths. [PDF]
Osiris the Rainbow Warrior
Poetry and mantras for personal and spiritual growth.
Phoenix of Immortality
Articles on earth chakras, sacred sites, planetary healing, and physical immortality.
Essays advocating the use of imagination to help overcome procrastination, be more joyful, improve finances, and set goals.
The Power of Love
Blog about healing and alternative spirituality.
Daily explorations of the aspects and potentials of a progressing spirit.
Rainbow Body Network
Articles on indigenous practices, yoga, and green politics.
Reality Shifts by Cynthia Sue Larson
Explaining reality shifts and how to actively use these in your life.
The Realm
A personal account of the soul's journey through time and space, from origin to enlightenment and eternity.
The Risen
Personal blog: "Dialogues of Love, Grief, & Survival Beyond Death — 21st Century Reports from the Afterlife through Contemplative, Intuitive, & Physical Mediumship."
The Seventh Path
Personal thoughts and writings regarding spiritual paths, numerology, mysticism, and other traditions.
Shahriar Shahriari: Author, Poet, Speaker
Original published and unpublished articles and poetry of Shahriar Shahriari.
This website has been created to herald the coming "awakening" - a shift from ego to spirit in preparation for self-transcendence.
Explores the interpretation of ageless wisdom, meditation, music, cosmology, loving nature, healing arts and a new world religion.
Spiritual and Material Enlightenment
Features the author's thoughts on various topics such as money, karma, fear, fate and forgiveness.
Spiritual Dawn
Writings about vibration, physical and spiritual centers, chakras, reincarnation, and elliptical evolution.
Spiritual Development
News and articles about spiritual development, meditation, and communicating with spirit guides.
Spiritual Evolution
Personal writing on the meaning of life, creation, and other topics.
Spiritual Guidance
Offering information on Aura-Soma, the flower of life, labyrinths, channeling and psychic readings, together with a virtual tour of an Egyptian tomb.
Spiritual journey
Personal reflections about one's self-discovery and spiritual journey.
Spiritual Persistence
The basic message of SP is connection. Site contains thoughts by the owners, chatboard-logs and links.
Spiritual Ponderings
Stories, poetry, and thoughts presented with pictures and music.
Spiritual Wisdom
Personal insight into universal spirituality, the meaning of life, sacred writings, and spiritual living.
Spirituality - an Experimental Approach
Ben H Swett offers a library of free downloadable documents from 45+ years of spiritual experiences and insights.
Sri Space
Space is a spiritual organization created by spiritual masters in India to guide every one to understand spirituality. Discusses meditation, the third eye and astral travel.
A personal account of spiritual growth and development.
Sharing esoteric concepts through spiritual articles examining beliefs, philosophies, and personal empowerment through energy awareness.
About the use of symbols in everyday life. Also information on tarot.
Talking to Nightlights
Journal of insight resulting from paranormal experience with nightlights.
This is Darshann
A personal journey into peace, includes: spiritual thoughts, poems, and reflectful essays.
Transpersonal Lifestreams
Writings about truth, consciousness, and spiritual development.
Tymatheon's Realm
Personal theories about a variety of New Age topics.
The Unofficial Infinite Way
Writings by Joel S. Goldsmith on a personal site.
Journey to find spirituality, health, and inner peace using the law of attraction and other new thought techniques
Way of the WildGoddess
Celebrating the power of the Wild Goddess, with blessings, journal and resources.
Welcome to my Tipi
Maka Win shares her poetry, arts, crafts and spiritual thoughts.
The Wisdom of the New Age
Journal of one person's journey through the new age.
World Service World
Personal writings and guidance for Avatars including festivals, the purpose of deities, death, and other ageless wisdom.
Zen Master Dan
Reflective writings bringing together the diverse worlds of spirituality, alternative healing, meditation, Zen philosophy, metaphysics, and alternative energy.

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