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Arcana Celestia
Offers a resources on spiritual and metaphysical teaching in many different forms. Home of the Spiritual Rights Foundation, a non-profit organization.
Astara Online
A non-profit religious organization and mystery school dedicated to elevating the consciousness of mankind. With a members-chat, prayers and general information.
Sells tapes and books, gives information on retreats and courses and meditation trips.
Cosmic Internet Academy - C.I.A.
Jasmuheen, the Self Empowerment Academy and M.A.P.S. - Movement of an Awakened Positive Society.
David Hulse Ministries
With free items, information on pythagorean tuning forks and ideas on inner transformation in relation to the Christian tradition.
Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
Contemporary knowledge about God, evolution, and the purpose of human life. On-line books on methodology of spiritual self-perfection.
The Earth Foundation
Educational organization dedicated to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR)
Out of the conviction that man is spirit enclosed in matter, ESSCR devotes its efforts to awaken man to that realization.
Classic New Age Centre in Northern Scotland - also known for growing gigantic vegetables, produced in close cooperation with nature spirits (devas). Information on workshops, retreats and news.
Foundation for Global Awakening
Assisting humanity's spiritual awakening by providing facilitation and resources for individuals who are expressing this consciousness in practical ways. Includes mission and organizational elements.
Foundation for World Awakening
Spiritual institution for the enlightenment of man, through the Maha Sutras (Universal Teachings), Sadhanas (Spiritual Practices) and Dikshas (Spiritual Initiations).
Gates of the Mind
Empty the expectations from the soul in order to live in the between-ness.
The Ground Crew
An organization that believes that we are in the end times. Channeled material on evacuation and landings.
In Truth
An independent, educational church teaching applications and use of spiritual gifts in personal life today.
The Institute of Metaphysical Science
This organisation gives an online glossary, a newsletter, a few quotes by Margaret Laird and details on programs.
The Intenders of the Highest Good
Aims to teach the intention process. Details of centers, newsletter, archives and FAQs.
International Pathwork Foundation
Teachings and lectures regarding responsibility, knowledge and self-acceptance. Includes information on community centers and counselors, products, and a chatroom.
Johrei Fellowship
Offering practical ideas to living a healthier and more spiritual life. Includes philosophy, service centers, and healing resources.
The Learning Light Foundation
A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education, training and research for individuals to develop to their fullest potential on all levels.
The Living Light Foundation
Offering meditations, classes in spiritual empowerment, vibrational and spiritual healing, DNA activation, and channeled messages from Archangel Tzadkiel.
The Love Foundation, Inc.
Mission statement, information on activities, contact information, products, and related links.
Martinus Institute
On the cosmology and spirituality of the Danish Martinus. Also gives dates and places of lectures in Europe, outside Denmark.
Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
MSIA offers an approach to living called "practical spirituality". Details on membership, teachings, events, classes and seminars.
The Order of the Cross
An informal Christian Fellowship founded by John Todd Ferrier. Gives information on its meetings and philosophy.
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
An ancient wisdom mystery school dedicated to the study, development, and practical application of the divine inherent in every person.
Sacred Science Institute
The study of Universal Order and Natural Law, integrating the metaphysical and physical principles of the cosmos into a holistic vision of universal order.
Offers information on retreats and a newsletter.
Spiritual renaissance Center
A center dedicated to the transformation of humanity beyond dying cultural paradigm into new healings, sacred passages, astrology, psychotherapy.
T.O.E - The Order Explained
A uniting of the scientific, spiritual, and moral laws which together underpin the universe in which we exist.
The TAT Foundation
Information on meetings, books, tapes and Richard Rose quotes on his system for spiritual achievement.
The Valor Foundation
A non-profit foundation to promote The Infinite Way, which evolved through the consciousness of Joel S. Goldsmith and was made available with the assistance of Lorraine Sinkler.

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