New Age Meditation is a reflection or contemplation by turning inward toward the self or outward toward nature. It is a quiet time in which one may dwell upon particular thoughts. New Age meditation is specifically about personal growth both spiritually and through holistic health. It is not Eastern meditation, it is not yoga, and it does not mandate following one specific path or belief.

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Acem Meditation
Information for beginners and practitioners, on courses, the practice itself. Includes essays and reports by practitioners.
Bursting the Body Light
Meditation tools, monthly newsletter, and information about this type of breathing meditation and its effects.
Center for Soul Evolution
Inspirational stories, events, meditative tapes, advice, and a healing circle.
Foundation for a New Consciousness
New Age philosophy examining the paradoxical thinking and basis for meditation. Includes online excerpts from the book and the book itself.
Full Moon Meditation
Offering resources for those who want to participate in the worldwide meditations conducted during the full moon. Includes background, commentaries, and moon dates.
Global Meditations Website
Global Meditations to bring Peace, Love, and Light to Mother Earth and to Humanity. Join from your own home, with dates and suggested prayers.
Holly's Domain
Personal page of Dr Holly Summer, author of the Meditation Sourcebook. With message board and meditation resources.
Inner Outer Partnership
Developing spiritual potential and applying spiritual perspective to better the world. Includes newsletter and event schedule.
Learning Meditation
Introduction to the basics of meditation and the reduction of stress.
Meditations to achieve the kingdom of heaven, which is really the center of self.
Meditate for Life
The site provides short and simple information about meditation.
Meditation for the Real World
Meditation guide and newsletter dedicated to sharing techniques and concepts from all traditions.
Meditation Guru
Membership based training and guidance for a variety of Meditation techniques.
Meditation TV
Free daily classes and videos that teach stress reduction and how to meditate. Offering a correspondence school that explores sleep and lucid dreaming, chakras, the third eye, the kundalini, alchemy, and self-healing.
Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies
Offering meditation instruction, workshops and classes, based on the inspirations offered by spirit guides.
Openhand Foundation
A not-for-profit organization based in Glastonbury, United Kingdom, helping to unite evolving people around a common sense of purpose and destiny. Features articles, philosophy, audio and video downloads, and details about the Spiritual Course Programs.
Project Meditation
Offers a free audio meditation course that can be downloaded instantly.
The Seven Veils
Explore the chakras, audio meditation and healing music available.
The Yoga of Alignment
A brief survey about meditation.
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