A broad category designed for all sites related specifically to lightworking. Most lightworkers strive to achieve ascension, shifting to higher personal and planetary vibrations, and higher frequency spirituality. Some lightworkers classify themselves by color including purple, gold or white.

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A spiritual organization dedicated to the process of learning to relate to the Actual Self within each person. Includes lessons of light, recommended reading, lightworkers experiences, and Star Path Centers.
Crimson Circle
Colorado group which meets both on the internet and in person to receive channeled material and to celebrate the journey of light, includes upcoming events, recommended products, message board, and past channelings.
Light Omega
Creating an understanding of the transition into light that the earth is presently going through, and the changes this will bring to human consciousness.
Light Workers
Network of forums, groups, events, resources, and recommended reading.
Lightwork Spiritual Development
Specializing in meditation classes and spiritual retreats for growth in ligthwork. Also offers healing services and readings by donation.
Articles, message boards, chat, products, seminars and general information to assist lightworkers remember who they are, why they are here and what to do next.
The Messengers Of The Light
A series of dictations to awaken the children of the light to the coming world changes, and how to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet.
Namaste Cafe
Lightworker network featuring meditations, message boards, inspiration, and poetry.
One World Meditations
Timed, global meditations to strengthen the planetary network of light, and create global healing for the earth and inhabitants.
Prayers for America
Meditations to return the light to American and give strength to the people.
Spirit of Ra
Dedicated to personal alchemy and the transition of the planet with resources on light, sound, solar activity, healing, Psychophysics, and bioenergetics.
The Universal Lightworkers Conference
Information on activities and speakers.
World Blessings
An online spiritual gathering place, dedicated to the unity of souls and the creation of a sacred Earth.

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