Religious system introduced by Paul Twitchell, said to be based on the ancient science of soul travel or ability to raise one's consciousness to higher planes of awareness to realize the divine consciousness of one's soul. Sometimes called the Religion of the Light and Sound of God. Its name can be translated "co-worker with God". Eckankar members are called ECKists or ECK chelas. ("Chelas" means "student").

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Official site offering information on teachings, membership, spiritual practices, seminars, and free downloadable books.
Connecticut Satsang Society
Information on worship service, book discussion classes, the Connecticut Temple and Eck centers in the state.
Dakota Eckankar
Official site of the South Dakota Satsang Society, Inc. Describes the Eckankar religion, activities, and calendar of events in North and South Dakota.
By the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, with assistance from some members of Eckankar. Some of the information is a bit dated, still a fairly-balanced outsider's take on the subject.
Eckankar in Alabama
Schedule of events throughout the southern states.
Eckankar in California
View local calendar of events including worship services, book discussions, and video presentations.
Eckankar in Ghana
West African official Eckankar web site.
Eckankar in Illinois
Includes events, conferences, regional seminars, and details of the Illinois Satsang Society, with location and contact details of Eck Centers located statewide.
Eckankar in New York State
Activities and events throughout the state.
eWakening Satsang Technologies
Source for official information about American spiritual teacher Petros and the eWakening satsang teachings, as well as some ancient texts.
Louisiana Satsang Society, Inc.
Regional seminar information, local contacts around the state, and service schedules.
South Carolina Satsang Society, Inc.
Find book discussions, worship services, and maps to events throughout the state.
Washington Satsang Society, Inc.
Provides local event schedule.
Wisconsin Satsang Society Inc.
A chartered affiliate of Eckankar. Public events, classes and discussion groups on aspects of personal spiritual experience, spiritual techniques.

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