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The 11:11 Phenom
Chat room and discussion board for people to post thoughts and opinions of the 11:11 phenomenon.
Abraham-Hicks Faces
Discussion board for the connection of Abraham-Hicks students throughout the world.
Astral Travel Dream Circle
Exchange information regarding astral travel and dreaming.
Awakening Mind
Faith based group which does not follow any single path or teacher.
Blue Honey (yahoo-groups)
Topics include altered states of consciousness, Kabbalah, time, lucid dreams and the Gaian mind.
Circle of Atlantis
Wayplace on the spiritual journey including ascension, karma, life lessons, indigo children, and spirit guides.
Come Together Community
Online community to share thoughts for the growth and well-being of ourselves and the world, open to all sacred paths.
Online community devoted to conscious evolution, with articles, forums and links.
Community site offering forums, chat, essays, journals, articles and shopping.
The New Hollow Earth Forum discusses past and present Inner Earth information. Evidence in our culture today and why the world education system required everyone to believe that the earth was solid at the turn of the century. Exchange of scientific, personal stories, and channeled information
Human Cafe
An international forum to exchange ideas on how to make a better world and evolve the human consciousness for the new millennium.
The Illuminated Message Board
Leave an inspirational message, question, insight or story. Original experiential articles included as well.
Lighting The Path Forum
A tranquil place for all Lightworkers and like-minded souls to visit to share with others already on the path and light the way for those who are new in their spiritual journey.
A discussion of all aspects of lightwork.
Mystic Net
Articles and chat on a variety of spiritual and esoteric topics.
New Age - Bella Online
Articles, book reviews, music, workshops, meditations, and resources for a variety of New Age topics.
New Age Vision
Forum site for those who are traveling a spiritual path. Topics include lightworking, healing, and alternate realities.
Positive Discussions
Focusing on creating a more positive life using tools such as Feng Shui, aromatherapy, divination, auras, and spirit guides.
QLD Psychics
A forum open to people who share interests in crystals, meditations, psychic phenomena, and shamanism.
Rainbow Crystal Mountain Chat
An international meeting place for sharing and discussing insights, spiritual healing, and making friends.
Seth and Jane Roberts
Community for devotees of Seth and Jane Roberts.
Soulful Sharing (yahoo-groups)
Topics include healing modalities, soul retrieval, Reiki, energywork, alchemy, angels, chakras, elementals, dreamwork, intuition and kundalini.
Active discussion forum with a wide variety of topics including ascension, earth changes, channeling, divination, and meditation.
Offers print and audio selections in the field of the world's religions, general spirituality, personal growth and health and healing and discussion forums for individuals exploring the spiritual path.
Spiritual Experiences
Contains articles and conversations about various topics on spirituality, and a section for people to share their spiritual experiences.
Understanding there is a design to the universe and there is no such thing as random chance. Everything happens for a reason.
Temple of Ascension
A private discussion group for lightworkers preparing for the Ascension.
World Beyond
Dedicated to spiritual growth and personal enlightenment: Seeking a world beyond religion, beyond fear, beyond hatred, beyond prejudice, beyond violence, beyond war.
World Healing Circle
Focused on spreading love, light and peace around the world.
Yahoo Groups: Oshana
Discussion of enlightenment and related topics.
Yahoo Groups: Spiritual Alchemy
Forum for spiritual alchemy, including East Indian, Chinese, Western, inner and outer alchemy.
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