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Abraham-Hicks Publications
Delivering a message of joy and creation through dialogue with a group of spiritually evolved teachers who call themselves Abraham.
Alexander Material (the)
Alexander is a discarnate spirit teacher who has been channeling through his human host, Ramón Stevens, since 1986. News of the books and excerpts from them.
Channeled from a multi-dimensional being, with knowledge form the creator. Also offers a newsletter, e-book, articles, and a music section.
Athena Leadership Center
Lemurian and Metatron channeled materials by Dr. Norma Milanovich.
Multi-dimensional being, channeled through Darryl Anka, speaks on a variety of topics. Includes forums and events listings.
Blue Flash
Online forum and weblog to discuss and explore the reality of conscious creation teachings of channeled essences like Elias, Seth, Kris, and Abraham.
Center for Greater Awareness
A large amount of channeled material and date of next global meditation event.
Center of Empowerment
Energy attunements and alignments from material offered from Mary, Jesus, and Quan Yin.
Various sections including up-to-date channeled teachings, chat rooms, readings by e-mail, spiritual sites directory, healing circle, forum.
Channelling: Reflections through Donna Kinniburgh
A channelling session on the nature of God and Creation. This channelled session with Reflection was held especially for Mystic Planet on the day of the Summer Solstice, 1998.
The Coming Times
Mary, the Mother of All Living, requests that we open our eyes and see reality as it is.
Crystallization of the God Flame
Channelings from The White Lodge.
Discover Samuel
Practical spiritual teachings of self-empowerment for the awakening of Planetary Guardians. Channeled by Lea Schultz. Includes recent teachings, interview, and tools.
Divine Love Ministry
Celestial messages received through James Padgett. Offers truths of divine love plus the life and history of Jesus Christ.
Doors of Peace - Channeling
Spiritual site includes instructions on how to channel and channelings from spirit divided into different sections including nature and faery.
Dreamkeeper (The):
Information on the book, on the channel Deborah Harmes and her latest channeling.
Ezrael's Haven
Channelings from various ascended masters and angels. Includes messages and articles regarding the masters, celestial beings, lightworkers, and indigo children.
Galexis is a group of beings from various dimensions who speak as one. They provide information and hold workshops to support spiritual growth.
Goddess Light
Information to assist in the ascension process with channelings from source energy, the Goddess of Creation, dolphin energy, and words and phrases from the Language of Creation.
Hummingbird N Company
Offers channeled conversation between the Catalyst and various entities.
Information from Kryon, a love-filled and empowering angelic being. From modest beginnings in 1989, this information has now filled multiple books and tapes, and is also facilitated by worldwide seminars.
Lama Sing
Trance channelings from beings offering information from the universal consciousness.
The Light Expansion Center
Articles on ascension, soul retrieval, and clearings channeled from Melora, a group consciousness said to be balanced perfectly between female and male energies.
Light Messenger
Compilation of channelings from the Brotherhood Of Light - a source of energy which emanates from the seventh astral plane.
The Lightsmith
Guidance from the Earth Mother and friends in Spirit through Michele Mayama. Also articles and audio files.
Menorah Center for Enlightenment and Meditation
Group of spiritual healers guided by Menorah Charny in Israel. Offers channeled messages, ordered by date.
Messages From Cassiopaea
Marriage of science and mysticism. Features Cassiopaean channeled information plus references to metaphysics and future physics. Includes multiple language translation.
Messages to Humanity, Inc.
Messages from the Father and Mother of the original people of North America speak to their children.
Features Oth, the Master of the Galaxy, strongly involved in the evolution of the Earth. Channeled by Ellen Rauh. Articles in English and Dutch.
P'taah and Jani King Online
P'taah, speaking through Australian Jani King, describes himself as an energy force coming through the Pleiadian force field to assist Humanity in this time of transition.
Paradise Now
Motivation and guidance from Orin, Seth, angels, and others.
Pura Maryam Sophyah
On the holy grail, working with Light and Love (activities), questions and answers and the aura.
Rainbow Lady and Reflection Site
The Rainbow Lady and Reflection welcome you to an extensive collections of Deep Trance channeled material.
The Realm of Possibilities
This site features messages channeled from Master Souls. It also includes a mandala designed for meditation.
Sanctuary of Songee
The energy of the Earth Mother explains who She is and Her purpose in coming to speak with us. Channeled by Roberta-Margaret.
Sentinels of the Sky
Information from Chief Joseph, channeled by John Cali. Site features a newsletter, products, and counseling services.
The Simple Truth
Spiritual teachings and channeled knowledge from Spirit by Bob Greenwalt. Offers guides to contacting the guides, as well as the monthly channelings.
The Song of Taliesin
Based upon channeled insights into the Arthurian Grail Legends.
Spirit Library
Gathering messages from channels and guides around the world, and the universe. Also offers a discussion forum.
Archangel Michael, channeled by Ronna Herman. With information on books and seminars, including transcripts and translations of the latest channelings.
Sun Angel's Abraham-Hicks Page
Abraham, a group of entities channeled by Esther Hicks, for over a decade.
The Teacher
Channeled information about a great Teacher-for all humanity.
Tom Kenyon
A channel for the Hathors, interdimensional beings who are masters of love and sound from an ascended intergalactic civilization.
Tranquil Spirit
Features material from an evolved spirit named Hai on a wide range of topics. Invites questions and consultations.
Vibrani's One Source
Author, channel, spiritist, healer, metaphysican, map maker and teacher, offers articles, poetry, healing, spiritual growth techniques.
Viva Papa
Messages from Pope John Paul II.
VRRP Spiritual Learning
Offers information about the book "The Laws of the Spirit World" and periodically publishes newsletters.
The Wonders
A source of spiritual enlightenment, personal growth, and self development channeled from the 29th dimension.
Zareth's Teachings
The Teachings of Zareth - channeled works. Extensive.
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