Information on how to channel, different methods of channeling (mediumship), and shared experiences.

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Abraham-Hicks fansite
Presents Abraham, an entity channeled by Esther Hicks. Includes quotes, essential teachings, and a bibliography.
Amaritha's Pearls of Wisdom
Channeled extraterrestrial entity. Includes teachings, messages, newsletter and information about the channel.
Angel Channel - Andryl Angel
Channeling of Andryl Angel including monthly messages.
Ask the Willows
The Willows are a Soul Group Energy comprised of thousands of entities in the physical and non-physical plane. Offering personal trancec channeling sessions and psychotherapy.
The main features of channeling with links to examples.
Channeler from Carlton, WA, aims to help all those wishing to progress on their path in life.
Hayehwatha Institute
Dedicated to the story of Hayehwatha, an Iroquois indian that is being channeled by Andrée. Provides an opportunity to research and experience the phenomena of spiritual realms within the universe.
Higher Wisdom
Rev. Jean Holmes, healer, channels for a variety of important spirits. Information about her work and seminars.
Katherine & Rod Russell - Trance Channel Team
Duo offers channeling sessions, classes, healing, and related articles.
Love Without End - Jesus Speaks
Artist and writer shares her conversations with Jesus Christ and painting of His portrait. Features gallery of art, study groups of the book, and artist bio.
Articles, books and tapes.
Contains channeled information, resources and articles.
Nibiruan Council
The Nibiruan Council has been active on Earth since late 1996, with Jelaila Starr being the Messenger of Nibiru. With information about the books, readings and related articles.
Open Gateways
Guidance and consultations from Baratta, a multidimensional being. Also offers workshops, channeling instruction, and books.
The Rishis
CDs and workshops teaching how to eliminate stress, while finding true success through empowerment.
Sounds of Light
Channeling, sound healing, and event schedules to enhance spiritual growth, self empowerment, and soul communication.
Spirit News
Dedicated to helping you align with your highest Self, Spirit News offers channeled essays from the Ascended Masters and links to related sites.
White Bull's Website
The website of the spirit guide and teacher, White Bull, and of his medium, Ian Graham. Contains monthly teachings and information on books.

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