Ascension is the rise of the "Christ-consciousness" in man-kind to the point that the individual is beyond the powers of reincarnation and karma. Ascension is the way to integrate all portions of yourself in a conscious way. Starting with the idea that we are multi-dimensional beings who seeded portions of ourselves into the physical density sometimes called "past-lives".

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The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation
Teaching a method of activating the Merkaba to put people back in touch with who we really are. Offers workshops and reiki healing.
The Integrated Ascended Masters University
Studies for ascension, enlightenment, and metaphysical spirituality combining the Christ consciousness with channeled messages, soul travel, and the Melchizedek teachings.
International Society of Ascension
Techniques to achieve ascension through meditation. Includes articles and fee-based courses.
Ishayas' Ascension
Discussions on how Ascension can improve one's life.
Light Ascension
On personal and planetary ascension, self mastery, discernment and the Earth Mission - from Sandy Stevenson and the Ascended Realms of Light.
Pam Murray
Articles about Twelve Strand DNA activation and anchoring, The Book of Revelation - the Manual for Ascension, plus the Destiny Card for the current month and information on products.
Restoration of Full Consciousness
Spiritual quotes, information on ascension, on objectivity and psi-phenomena.
Saviour Behavior
Behavioural techniques to accelerate spiritual development and achieve ascension status.
Spirit Heart Sanctuary
Expanding awareness of the metaphysics of love, acceptance, grace, and compassion through the manifestation of the Christ Consciousness in each individual.
The Teachings of Edna Miriam Lister
Teaching that ascension is merely attaining heaven, which is a place and a state of consciousness open to all believers, with no barriers of time, space, race, or religion.
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