In new age terminology, Ascended Masters are those who are believed to have reached the highest level of spiritual consciousness and have become guides in the spiritual evolution of mankind. Sometimes called the Great White Brotherhood. According to many, they can communicate spiritual truths to humans through channeling or other techniques. Membership includes Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, Ramtha, Mafu, Seth, the higher angels, and others.

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Ascended Master
Personal page by one who feels himself to be an Ascended Master.
Ascended Master Teaching Foundation
A collection of articles, books, tapes, and information about related seminars.
The Ascended Masters and Ascension
Learn about the Masters and experience their energy portals into the 3rd dimension.
The Ascended Masters of Light of the Great White Brotherhood
Explores the teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and the practical ways they work with us in our daily lives.
Ascended Masters Portraits
Paintings of the Ascended Masters, also featuring some information about the purposes of each.
CeAnn -- Visionary Guidance
An exploration of the self via multi-dimensional awareness and channeling.
Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth
Details the esoteric teachings of this group.
The Hearts Center Community
Learn about the ascended masters, meditation, the violet light.
Know One Life
Interdimensional guidance for life's journey, from ascended master Dwahl Kul with art, philosophies, and metaphysical information.
Launching Loving Legacies
Mother Mary as channeled through Gilbert Cleirbaut. Information on a group in Montreal, on Gilbert and his contacts with Elizabeth Prophet.
One World Heart-Earth
Expanding the principles of enlightenment and spirituality, with the teachings of Lady Emanuella, the New Heart-Centered Evolution and Rose Ray.
Sanctuary Of Enlightenment
Awaken spiritual awareness through portraits of the Ascended Masters. Also offers clesses for spiritual development in the UK.
The Summit Lighthouse
The official site with articles, real audio clips, and books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark Prophet.
The Summit Lighthouse-Chicago Teaching Center
Chicago-based teaching center for spiritual seekers, watch videos and listen to audios.
The Temple of The Presence
Articles, audio broadcasts, and books about the Ascended Master teachings.
Dedicated to the teachings of Daskalos, a major proponent of Esoteric Christianity.
The Triumphant Soul
Focuses on the healing, education, and enlightenment of the soul.

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