Osho was an enlightened mystic and teacher, famous during the 1970's and 1980's for his irreverent approach to religion, spirituality and meditation. After moving his commune from India to Oregon, USA in the early 1980's, then deported and traveling the world, he finally returned to Pune, India in 1986 and reinstated his community there. He died on Jan 19th, 1990.

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Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)
Biography, with a selection of quotes.
Osho Experience
Online publication of enlightenment and mysticism. The official web site of the Osho movement, based in Pune, India. Contains the Osho Times, details on the Meditation Resort, an online shop and a library of Osho's books.
Friends of Osho
A listing of Osho's books, a directory of Osho sannyasins around the world, a wiki and information about Osho.
The Institute for Living and Dying
The Institute is founded to explore Osho's vision of living a conscious life, leading to a conscious death. Site is available in English, Italian and German.
A daily meditation and a quote from Osho. One can subscribe and receive the daily meditation by email.
One Sky Music
Milarepa and his band "One Sky" perform for guided meditation events and retreats - Osho's active meditation approach with song, dance, laughter and celebration.
Osho Art Unity
Paintings by Osho on silkscreen, produced from paintings made originally in the covers of the books he read.
Osho Film Festival
A traveling film festival of footage about Osho and his followers, from the early 1970s to the present. Contains information on each movie.
Osho Photos
A collection of photographs from many sources, covering Osho's early days up until his death.
Osho RebelliousSpirit.com
Osho meditation events around the world, sannyas sharing, free announcements.
Osho RebelliousSpirit.com
RSS feed from the RebelliousSpirit.com webzine. [RSS]
Osho Viha
Osho Information Center based in Mill Valley, California, USA. Publishers of the Osho Viha Magazine.
Osho World
An organization based in New Delhi, India, that organizes meditation camps, exhibitions and publishes an online magazine, all related to the teaching of the mystic Osho.
Large distributor of books, audio and video tapes and tarot decks.
Large, chaotic and wacky site containing comics, cartoons and humor from the world of Osho and the sannyas movement.
Radical Methods for Radical Times
A clear and concise description of active meditations, most of them based on meditation techniques designed by Osho. Including information on meditation research.
ReligiousTolerance.org: Osho
A short biography of Osho and some of the events that have happened around him.
Sannyas News
News, articles and comment from sannyasins. Includes schedules of activities, satsangs and groups in the UK, and lists of organisations worldwide.
Yahoo! Groups : sannyas-list-new
Mailing list for disciples and friends of Osho.
Yahoo! Groups: Living Osho
Mailing list for disciples and friends of Osho.

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