Maharishi's various programmes and organizations to establish Heaven on Earth, life in accord with Natural Law.

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Advanced programs
These programs are said to enhance the benefits of the TM practice and accelerate the growth of consciousness.
American University Research Project
Effects of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Neurophysiology, Cognitive Development and Health in College Students.
David Lynch Foundation Television
DLF.TV showcases high quality video content about TM from the David Lynch Foundation events, compelling profiles and documentaries, exclusive content from David Lynch, and explore all aspects of creativity.
The Enlightened Sentencing Project
TESP - an alternative sentencing program utilizing the Transcendental Stress Management program for offender rehabilitation.
Global Country of World Peace
A “nation without borders” promoting unity consciousness and the reduction of the narrow nationalism that divides humanity from humanity.
Global Good News
Documents the rise of a better quality of life dawning around the world.
Global Union of Scientists for Peace
Founded in July 2005 in response to the failure of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference held in New York that year, the mission of the Global Union is to stop the growing threat of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war, resist the global rise of other weapons of mass destruction and promote the adoption of safe, scientifically proven technologies for national security and global peace.
Maharishi Jyotish and Yagya Program
Maharishi Vedic Astrology is a precise mathematical science and technology to know past and present, predict the future and "avert the danger that has not yet come".
Maharishi Mother Divine Program
Offers ladies the opportunity to focus on their own spiritual development and simultaneously radiate a powerful influence of harmony and bliss throughout the world.
Maharishi Purusha Program
Offers men the opportunity to focus on their own spiritual development and simultaneously radiate a powerful influence of harmony and bliss throughout the world.
Maharishi Sthapatya Veda in Canada
Provides details of housing projects in Canada using Sthapatya Veda, a holistic science of architecture that creates a link between the individual and the intelligence of nature in order to insure that a building will bring only nourishing influences to its occupants.
Maharishi Vastu Architecture
Sthapatya Veda, or Vedic architecture, connects individual intelligence with Cosmic Intelligence, bringing nourishing influences to your home, your workplace, or your entire community.
Maharishi Vedic Observatory
Align your awareness with the intelligence expressed throughout the cosmos, align your physiology with the physiology of the universe and gain the evolving quality of the ever-expanding universe in your individual awareness.
Permanent Peace
To permanently stop terrorism and war.
Poverty Removal Programme
The details of the programme launched by the Maharishi University of Management.
Transcendental Meditation for Women
The women's organization teaching the TM program exclusively to women in Canada and the US.
Vedic Pandits
Maharishi Vedic Pandits are implementing a scientifically validated program for creating world peace. These Pandits are highly trained in the ancient Vedic technologies of consciousness, including Transcendental Meditation.
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