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Chicken Soup with Chopsticks
A Jew's struggle for Truth in an interfaith relationship.
E. Linker Hebrew Prayers Learning Series
Publisher and seller of a six-volume transliterated siddur which includes the complete weekday and Sabbath prayers, as well as zemiros and blessings.
An in-depth analysis of the weekly parashah from rabbinic, midrashic, kabbalistic, and chasidic sources by Rabbi Ari Kahn, Director of Foreign Student Programs at Bar Ilan University and teacher at Aish Hatorah, Jerusalem.
From the Lens of George Kalinsky
"Rabbis: The Many Faces of Judaism - 100 Unexpected Photographs of Rabbis With Essays in Their Own Words"
The Handbook to Jewish Spiritual Renewal
Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal brings Judaism back to its roots for the millions of modern Jews who have become disenchanted with "normative" Judaism.
Holy Sparks
Books of spirituality and Jewish wisdom presented through illustrated calligraphy by G. Rae Ekman.
The Lifetime Guide to the Jewish Holidays
Learn the abundant ways you can bring the joy, meaning and relevance of Jewish holiday celebration into your home and heart year after year
Meditations of the Heart
A sefer, guide book, to becoming a Tzaddik, a pious Jew, through meditations and practices.
My Three Lives
eBook about the life of a Jewish Holocaust survivor, Gizel Berman, subtitled "A Story of Love, War, and Survival."
Nehora Press
Publisher of "In The Shadow of the Ladder - Introductions to Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag" in English.
Oracle of Kabbalah: Mystical Teachings of the Hebrew Alphabet
A book and card set by Richard Seidman, exploring the spiritual meaning of the Hebrew alphabet.
Rashi's Daughters
Book One: Joheved, by Maggie Anton. Set in the household of the great medieval scholar, Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi). Gives insight into the Talmud and French Jewish life in the Middle Ages.
The Road From Letichev
The history and culture of a forgotten Jewish community in Eastern Europe by David A. Chapin and Ben Weinstock.
Shaarnun Publications
Features online essays and sale of books and videos by Pinchas Winston on the subject of exile and redemption, including the acclaimed Jewish end-of-days novel, "Not Just Another Scenario."
Surfing Rabbi: Surf and Soul
Rabbi Nachum Shifren recounts his journey from Malibu surfer to surfing rabbi
Two Jews on a Train
Humorous original stories by Adam Biro subtitled "Stories from the Old Country and the New."
Yardenia Media
Features the Jewish comic series, "Bible Dogs" and "SuperRabbi."
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