Publishers and sellers of books on Judaism, Jewish life/thought/history, and the State of Israel. Books attempting to persuade Jewish people to adopt other faiths or to integrate aspects of other faiths into their observance or philosophy do not belong in this category, and should instead be submitted to the area most relevant to the book's or publisher's premise. (For example, any book or publisher promoting the premise that Jesus is the messiah should be submitted to Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Denominations: Messianic Judaism.) Please note the various sub-categories of the Jewish Books area, and submit your site to the relevant sub-category, if applicable. Sites featuring a single author, book, or series should be submitted to the sub-category: Specific Titles or Children's: Specific Titles. Those websites on which Jewish books are not the primary feature (ie: those which also sell general Judaica or general books) should not be submitted to this category, but rather to the more general applicable category. (Please do not submit "back pages.")

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Mesorah Publications. One of the largest publishers and sellers of Jewish books in English for adults and children. Major works include the Artscroll Siddur, the Stone Chumash and Tanach, and the Schottenstein Talmud.
Ben Yehuda Press
Publisher of "Jewish books, broadly defined." From Torah commentaries to Jewish renewal, from fiction to journalism, including some of the most innovative voices in the Jewish community.
Offers a selection Jewish books which can be purchased to download in searchable PDF format.
Gefen Publishing House
Israeli publisher offering titles on Israeli and Middle East politics, the Holocaust, Jewish history and philosophy, as well as large selections of dictionaries, travel books, children's books and Passover Haggadahs. Ships worldwide.
Israelowitz Publishing
Art books, books on synagogues, Jewish travel guides, and Jewish guided tours in Hassidic neighborhoods.
Jewish Book Publishing News
Published by Anna Olswanger Books, is a free biannual e-mail newsletter for booksellers, librarians, publishers, literary agents, and others with an interest in Jewish books.
Jewish Publication Society
The oldest publisher and seller of Jewish titles in English.
Imprint of John-Wiley and Sons featuring a selection of books of Jewish interest.
Judaica Press
Veteran publisher and distributor of Jewish software and books, including the well-known Judaica Press Tanach (Bible) series.
Kabbalah Online Shop
Kabbalah books, crafts, music, and jewish mystical art from Safed, Israel.
Publisher of Jewish textbooks and other books for adults and children. Also manufactures and sells Judaica supplies and novelties.
Littman Library of Jewish Civilization
Publishes scholarly works dealing with Jewish history and philosophy, including translations of contemporary and classical works from Hebrew and other languages.
Priests Publishing
SevBy Israeli lawyer Yehuda Cohen. Explores the role of religion in human societies, from a comparative anthropological and historical perspective.
Red Heifer Press
A small, independent publisher of literary and scholarly Judaica.
Shilo Publishing House
Publisher of Judaica books, with primary focus on Hebrew study, Haftorah learning, and the works of Ramban (Nachmanides). Publishes the Shilo Siddur.
Shocken Books
Jewish publishing imprint of Random House, including works of fiction and non-fiction.
Soncino Press
Publishers of classic Jewish Books such as the Talmud, Midrash and Zohar.
Urim Publications
Israeli publisher and seller of English language Jewish books, including Jewish law and modernity, spiritual and meditative works, women in Judaism, original and classic Torah commentaries, Zionism, modern biographies, Jewish thought, and children's stories.
Zionist Book Club
These books reveal historical fact throughout the history about Jewish anti-semitism, Jews and the communists, Stalin's anti Semitism, his pact with Hitler in 1939. Jewish conspiracy, the Vatican and the Nazis.

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