This category is for sites with personal religious and Jewish perspectives.

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An online personal diary which holds the views, thoughts and opinions of the author.
Allyson's Awesome B'at Mitzvah Celebration
Join Allyson and her family as you tour her B'at Mitzvah celebration site.
Explore Jewish experience as mediated by Rabbi Mark Hurvitz. Find a Haggadah and other materials for celebrating Jewish life. Examine contested issues, share Israel trips, and build a community of Jews worldwide.
Jerusalem of Gold
The site is devoted to the song Jerusalem of Gold and refers to the song both in written sources and on the net.
Jerusalem Searchlight
Dedicated to exposing camouflaged antisemitism in the enlightened global society.
Jewish Simcha Happiness Site
A site to turn that frown upside down.
Judaism 101
A traditional, observant Jew writes his encyclopedia about Judaism, to share his knowledge on practices, holidays, people and beliefs. For beginners, intermediate or advanced readers.
Kfar Blum Former Volunteers and Ulpanim
A central link for former volunteers and ulpanim of this kibbutz in Israel.
Martine's World: Israel, Morocco and France
A high spirited, optimistic young woman; born in Casablanca, living in Paris and longing for Israel. Very uplifting.
Michael HaShev's Religious and Futurist Links
Moshiach related links as well as biblical sites.
Moshe's Jewish Links
A variety of links to Orthodox and Torah minded web sites.
My Father, My Secret, My Pal
Stories about one man's pious father and his families struggles before his passing.
Practical-ly Pesach
Marsha B. Cohen's listing of websites for Passover preparation and observance.
A Rabbi for Your Wedding
Rabbi in Boston is available to perform interfaith weddings, gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies, and other Jewish life cycle events.
Remember Mount Sinai
Leslie Seigel's journey from Reform Judaism to Ultra-Orthodox Chabad.
Rizzolo Ibram: Jewish Family
Orthodox Sephardic Jew living in New York. Discussion of issues about traditions.
Shayla G's Homepage
From Toronto with links to Jewish sites, descriptions of Jewish community projects more about Shayla.
Surf Zionism
Comprehensive Zionist link launcher and internet portal.
Torah Into the 21st Century
Humour, letters from Israel, Parasha comments, Torah questions, your story or experience and more coming.
A Tradition of Kindness
Stories of men and women who have shown extraordinary kindness in difficult circumstances.
Vishnive: Memorial Prayer for the Jewish Community
A personal web site that has been built as a memorial for my grandfather and grandmother, Mordechai and Chaya Rogovin of Vishnive.
What is a Jew?
Quotes from fiction and non-fiction about what is means to be Jewish.
WITS Rabbeim
The WITS unofficial webpage. Pictures and descriptions of Rebbeim.
Yid With Lid
Weblog of humorous and serious commentary on Jewish issues.
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