As many more people are eating kosher foods, several websites have dedicated themselves to providing searchable databases about where to find Kosher eateries.

DISCLAIMER: A listing of a restaurant in any of these databases is NOT an endorsement of kosher certification by any member of the ODP. All users of these databases are advised to verify the kosher certification of any restaurant with a local rabbi if they have any questions.

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123 Cacher
Guide to kosher dining in France sorted by city; includes ratings, reviews, and specials.
Israeli Kosher Restaurant Guide
Names, locations, rabbinical supervision, contact information.
Jewish Nutrition
The site for health eating and kosher food for the Jewish family. Including recipes, women's health page and advice for Shabbos and festivals.
Kosher Delight
Comprehensive Kosher restaurant database organized by geographical region.
Kosher Eating In Atlanta
List of kosher restaurants in Atlanta, GA.
Kosher Prague
Kosher food in restaurants, kosher apartments and hotels in Prague Jewish quarter.
Kosher Vancouver
Lists kosher establishments in and near Vancouver, British Columbia.
New York State Kosher Restaurants
Listing of kosher restaurants in New York City, Nassau County and Northern New Jersey. Kosher Dining in New York
List of restaurants with prices and hours of operation.
PilotYid's Kosher Restaurant Palm List Creator
From this page you can get a Palm (PalmOS) DOC file containing a list of kosher restaurants for any area in the world. This way you can always have the list in your pocket when traveling, or at home.
Totally Jewish Travel: Restaurant Directory
Database of kosher eateries around the world; search by city, cuisine, or name. Also includes reviews, contacts, and links.
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