This category is for information about the Jewish religious calendar, which is based on the lunar month, with leap months inserted 7 times in each 19 years to keep the months and holidays aligned with their proper seasons.

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Akhlah Perpetual Hebrew Calendar
Hebrew (Jewish) Calendar that gives Hebrew Months and days along with Gregorian dates. Jewish Holidays, Torah Readings and other information.
Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar
Interactive web interface for generating a list of Jewish dates and times customized to zip codes, converting between Hebrew and Gregorian dates.
Hebcal Jewish Calendar
Complete Hebrew calendar program for Unix and Windows. Candlelighting times, holidays, Omer counts, and Torah readings. C and Perl source code available, as well as a Windows executable and links to Web versions of the software.
Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
A collection of resources concerning the calculation of the Hebrew calendar.
Hebrew date
Click to see todays, or any other days date in the Hebrew calendar
Hebrew/English Jewish Calendar with Candle Lighting Times
Perpetual calendar for thousands of locations world-wide.
Jewish Calendar
Interface for finding dates in the Hebrew calendar, with holidays and memorial days. Uses PHP calendar software.
Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar
Explains the relationship between the Hebrew civil calendar and Hebrew religious calendar and describes the history of the Hebrew month names.
Jewish Calendar on the Web
Converts dates between Jewish and civil calendars; displays monthly calendars and candle lighting times for different geographical location.
Jewish Events Calendar
Jewish events calendar focusing on cities in North America, but allows other major Jewish cities to submit events. Allows for easy submission of events via Facebook integration, and Facebook events can be added in seconds.
Jewish Holidays
Dates of all major and minor Jewish holidays and fast days, with explanations, observances, and links to other articles of interest. From the OU.
Hebrew and English calendar for Windows. Displays a Hebrew or civil month with holidays, Shabbat portions, and halachic times. User data can be added. Wordwide Zmanim Database
Daily Zmanim Times Lookup for Anywhere in the Entire World
Rosetta Calendar
An online handy tool for converting to and from the Gregorian, Julian and Jewish calendars.
Two Jewish Calendars
Interactive Web program that prints out Jewish and civil calendars side-by-side. Does not list holidays in either calendar. Source code available.
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