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Institutions, organizations and individuals offering these sacred Jewish services.

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The STa"M Forum
A place for English speaking scribes, rabbis and vendors of Stam from around the world to communicate, share ideas, ask questions and offer advice.
Children's Torah Scroll
Information about the Torah scroll geared towards children. Ability to purchase a letter in a Torah scroll and receive a personalized certificate.
Friedman, Jen Taylor
Biography of this female scribe and artist who created the Tefilin Barbie. [Internet Explorer.]
Henig Judaica
Offering Torah scrolls, Mezuzahs, and Tefillin made in Israel. Specializing in 'Alter Rebbe Ksav'.
How to Obtain a Letter in a Torah Scroll
Information about purchasing a letter in a Torah Scroll.
Mordechai Pinchas Sofer Stam
Gives an overview of Jewish scribal arts. Documents the personal journey of a scribe practicing this age-old craft.
Neil H. Yerman - Artist and Sofer
Information and photographs about Torah and sofrim from a contemporary scribe.
The Sefer Torah Recycling Network
Acquires donations of Sifrei Torah and raises funds to repair them for transfer to needy locations in Israel.
Sofer on Site
Rabbis Gedaliah and Moshe Druin of Miami, Florida provide scribal services at the home or synagogue of the client.
Torah Scrolls
Rabbi Aaron Shaffier offers new and used Torah scrolls, atzei chaim, mantels and Sephardi Torah cases.
YK's Sofer Blog
Torah scribe documents many aspects of his work. Includes original photo examples of different styles of writing as well as translations of halachic texts.
Yoter MiStam - Sofer Stam Cooperative
Cooperative of Torah scribes offering tefillin, mezuzot, and sefer Torahs as well as inspection and repairs.

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