A mohel, plural mohelim, is the person who performs the ritual circumcision, Brit Milah.
Brit Milah
Dr Howard Cohen is Mohel for the London and South East UK Jewish community. Includes details on circumcision care, preparation for circumcision and religious requirements.
Call A Mohel
Introduce your son to the Divine Covenant of Circumcision by an ordained and certified Mohel, licensed in Israel and the United States.
Cantor Mark E. Kushner
Site serves as an educational guide to Brit Milah and one can learn about the history, laws, and customs of Jewish circumcision.
Cantor Richard Nadel
Performs the Judaic ritual of Brit Milah, also known as Circumcision.
Denver Mohel in Colorado
A certified mohel and board-certified pediatrician, Kenneth E. Katz brings Jewish tradition and halacha to your son's bris.
Dorothy F. Greenbaum MD
A trained Mohelet (female Mohel) and a practicing, Board Certified Pediatrician in the New York area.
Dr Abraham Benyunes FAAP
A conservative mohel who performs circumcisions / brit milahs. An informational parental guide for the ceremonial bris, and contact information are provided.
Dr Martin Harris
Circumcision and Bris Milah information by a specialist mohel. Includes details of the procedure and a blog.
Fred Kogen, Mohel
Information on ritual circumcision.
Mark A. Greenberg MD, Certified Mohel
Ritual Jewish Circumcision according to Halacha.
Rabbi Paysach Krohn
Certified mohel serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Includes information about bris milah including preparation lists, aftercare, step by step walkthrough the ceremony and understanding the ritual.
Zachary Hepner
Provides information about services, text relating to the simcha in Hebrew and English, and contact information.
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