Art by Gennady Karabinskiy
Personal page of the Jewish artist Gennady Karabinskiy. Includes biography, news and gallery of oil paintings, tempera, pastel, lithography and ink drawings.
Artist Leslie Naveh Gallery
A dazzling and impressive collection of contemporary artwork: colorful paintings and sculptures by American- Israeli artist Leslie Naveh, including her celebrated "Lions of Jerusalem".
Artist Youlia
Paints portraits of the famous Jewish Rabbis and landscape of Jerusalem. It is possible to order for painting portraits from photos.
Ewa Gordon
Jewish graphic art based on Hebrew calligraphy. Site is mostly in Polish language, with some English content.
Holocaust Sculpture by D. K. Lubarsky
Holocaust momorial sculptures in terra cotta and bronze. Available for exhibit.
Images of Judaism by Jason Michaels
Online exhibit includes images composed by Jason Michaels using 35mm, half-frame and others, zinc, copper and wood block printing techniques, as well as paint and pencil work.
Jewish Cartoons by Genrikh Bukhsbaum
Site features illustrations and cartoons on Jewish themes, as well as many emblematic Jewish characters.
Judaica Artist Adam Rhine
A gallery of the ornate Judaica fine art original paintings, prints, commissioned works, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Jewish wedding invitations by artist Adam Rhine.
Julian Friedman Studio
Unique Judaic artworks including handmade calligraphy, woodcuts and other mediums.
Kituv Graphics
Limited edition prints of Jewish prayer and ethics.
Mordechai Robert Edel Jewish Art Gallery
Gallery and information about Jewish artist Mordechai Robert Edel, self described "Impressiomystic" artist. Includes original works and reproductions for sale.
Muchnik Arts
Gallery of works of Michoel Muchnik, a Jewish artist who specializes in Chassidic art.
Mystic and Motherhood Art by Benjamin Shiff
Original paintings and reproductions from Israeli artist Benjamin Shiff, who focuses on four main themes: Motherhood art, Jerusalem paintings, Art Judaica and Mystic paintings. A modern style that sometimes inclines towards cubism.
Web site showcasing the art of Baruch Nachshon of Hebron, blessed by the previous Lubavitch Rebbe to "rectify the visual arts." Includes a limited catalog of prints and an on-line store.
Paintings of Jewish Rabbis
Jerusalem artists paint rabbis and other Jewish portraits from photos.
Pastel Paintings by Miryam Yisrael
Israeli Portuguese artist inspired by Biblical and Jewish themes depicting Jerusalem landscapes, scenes and people, mostly in the Old City.
Rynecki, Moshe
(1881-1943) was a Jewish-Polish artist. He painted scenes of Jewish life. Moshe died in the Majdanek concentration camp in 1943. His art that survived the Holocaust.
Sylvia's Art Gallery
Web site featuring the work of Jewish expressionist artist Sylvia Ganancia Bennaim. Includes a multimedia gallery, features, texts and relevant links. Works include oil painting, mixed media and sculpture.
V-Art: Classic Portrait of Jewish Rabbis and Jerusalem Paintings
Old style classic portraits and paintings. Orders for oil portraits available. Artist Vladimir, Binyamin gallery, Jerusalem.
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