Jewish music today covers a broad spectrum, from Cantorial, to Klezmar, Chassidish, Israeli, and simcha (weddings, bar/bas mitzvahs) bands, just to name a few categories. The aim of this section is to present an assortment of what's happening in the Jewish music scene today as it relates to the net. We've listed the websites for many performers, and also music services. Many of these sites provide audio samples, hope you'll listen to some - your feet will be tapping!

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The Friends of Jewish Music (AMJ)
A non-profit association organizing concerts, lectures, exhibitions and workshops, to present the diversity of music related to jewish culture.
Great Jewish Music
Information about Jewish music, including samples, links and musical ecards.
Jewish Music and Song
Collection of Jewish music, Chassidic songs and traditional Shabbat songs and prayers.
Jewish Music Commission Los Angeles
This institution has programs, scholarships, and events to nurture Judaism through music. The calendar is online. The Max Helfman Institute is only for New Jewish Music. California, USA.
Rabbi Moshe "Tom" Heyn and Mamash
Home page for Rabbi Tom Heyn of Cincinnati includes information about his philosophy and music. Site features biographical information, notes about the band, Mamash, and scheduling and contact information. Lyrics and clips of some songs are available.
Save the music
A database of Jewish songs including song lyrics, translations, information about the songs, the singers and the authors and other resources.
TerezĂ­n Chamber Music Foundation (TCMF)
Nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting, preserving and celebrating the resilience of the human spirit as expressed in the music and the arts created by victims of the Holocaust.
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