Sufi organizations (Centers, Foundations, Mosques, etc.) with the focus on studying sufism and spreading its teachings.

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Al Miraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre
Information about their Murshid, activities and news. Includes articles and book excerpts on Sufism, and online sales of books and audio-visual materials.
Association of Islamic Charity Projects
Information about the organization, followers of Sheikh Abdallah Harari; includes biographies, resources on Islam, and news of events.
Australian Centre for Sufism
Raising the awareness of people to the presence of God using the teachings of Sufism. Information about their events and courses.
Barzakh Foundation
A non-profit organization in Jakarta, Indonesia; information about their studies in Sufism, and their social and health services.
Daar-ul-Ehsaan USA
Commemorates the memory of their founder, Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali. Information about their mosque in Bristol, Connecticut, US, with an events diary, sermons and readings.
Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR)
The teachings of Master Rafea and his son, and information about the organization they lead.
Institute for Sufi Studies
Offers classes and workshops in healing through meditation, art, music, prayer and movement. Includes schedule, newsletter and bookstore. (based California and Washington, US)
International Association of Sufism
Global non-profit organization promoting Sufism. Information about events, their history, social service, and publications.
The Islamic Studies and Research Association
Founded in 1987 in the US, working to enhance and spread Islamic knowledge. Includes articles on Islam and Sufism, with news and events information.
Khanqah Imdadiya Ashrafiya
A spiritual center in Karachi, Pakistan, in the tradition of the Ehl-e-Haq (Truth Bearers); offers a profile, audio resources, and texts in English and Urdu
The Mir Sufi Centre
A centre in Essex, UK. Includes information on Sufism, their Grand Master, events and courses, and healing services. Also offer a library of talks and articles.
The School of Sufi Teaching
A Sufi group based in the UK, whose Shaykh resides in India. Offers Naqshbandi, Mujaddedi, Chishti, Qadiri and Shadhili teachings.
Shadhiliyya Sufi Center of North America
Information about a center in California, US, offering teaching, healing and retreat programs, work-study opportunities, and materials to support spiritual growth. Includes background about the Tariqa, their beliefs, practices, and events.
Sufi Coffee Shop
A Sufi cultural center in Mountain View, California, US. Offers a coffee shop and book store.
Sufi Women Organization
Part of the International Association of Sufism, the SWO is devoted to creating a harmonious cooperation, friendship and direction to honor the works of Sufi women.
Information about the Gudri Shahi Sufi Order (based in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India) and its genealogy. Includes information about their school, a FAQ, and a collection of mystic literature.
Taj Baba
Information about the Taji Order, its teachers and founder, and their current activities. Specialize in Islamic spiritual healing and counselling.
World Islamic Mission
Canadian branch of an international organization promoting Islam as a religion of peace, love, and understanding. Information about their events and activities, and their network.
World of Sufis
Information about a School of Sufi Teaching, offering tuition in five Sufi Orders. Includes background reading and details of programs.
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