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Female Genital Mutilation/Female Circumcision
Paper discussing the practice of female genital cutting, questioning its legitimacy in Muslim cultural practice.
In Recognition of Women
Article contrasts the history of women jurists, narrators of Hadith, and poets in Islam, with the position today, where the Muslim community has taken women back to the pre-Islamic era.
Islam Rethought
Online publication of Dr Ausaf Ali's work on gender, sexuality, and marriage in Islam with particular focus on the tensions between traditionalist and modernist views within lived Islam.
Islamic Feminism
A definition, with links to prominent figures. [Wikipedia]
Religious Conservatism and Feminist Theology
Dr Riffat Hassan explores how theological assumptions have colored the way in which Muslim culture has come to regard women, in contrast to the non-patriarchal egalitarianism in the Qur'an; she argues for a liberation of Muslim women and men.
Status of Woman in Islam
A collection of articles on issues around the role and place of women in Muslim belief and practice.
Tafseer of Surah an-Nisa, Ayah 34
A translation and commentary on verse 34 of Surah an-Nisa in the Qur'an; perhaps the one most often misunderstood or misused by both Muslims and non-Muslims.
Woman's Status in the Bible and the Qur'an
A tabled comparison of Biblical and Qur'anic passages concerning women.
Women as Imams
Article on Wikipedia explores the circumstances in which women may lead a congregation in salat (prayer); includes analysis of teachings, history, and current controversy.
Women in a Quranic Society
Paper arguing for the implementation of a dual-sex concept of society.
Women Living Under Muslim Laws
International solidarity network for women whose lives are shaped by laws and customs said to derive from Islam. Includes news, and information about their campaigns and their publications.
Islamic Feminism Means Justice to Women
An interview with historian Prof Margot Badran compares Islamic feminism with secular and Christian feminism. (January 31, 2004)
They Hate Women, Don't They?
Article exploring secular feminists' view of Muslim women, arguing that demeaning Islam excludes the voices of Islamic women which liberates no one. (June 21, 2002)
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