The Ismailis are a branch of Shia Muslims who share a common history with the mainstream Shias, also known as “Twelvers” or “Ithnasheris”. A dispute, however, arose on the succession of the Sixth Imam, Ja'far al-Sadiq. The Ismailis accepted Imam Jafar al-Sadiq’s eldest son “Ismail” as a rightful seventh Imam. Mainstream Shias (Twelvers/Ithnasheris), on the other hand, accepted Imam Jafar al-Sadiq’s younger son "Musa al-Kazim" as their rightful Imam.

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First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database
Ismaili resources and history. Includes a time line about the Aga Khan.
Aga Khan Academies
Residential schools located in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They offer the IB curriculum.
Aga Khan Development Network
Information on their works in the fields of health, education, culture, rural development and economic promotion, primarily in least-developed countries in Asia and Africa.
Aga Khan Foundation
Information on this charitable organization and details on the partnership walk.
Aga Khan Museum
Toronto based museum is an initiative of the Aga Khan Network. It houses collections of Islamic art and heritage, including artefacts from the private collections of H.H the Aga Khan.
The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture
Harvard and MIT based Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture provides information on courses, faculty, lecture events and publications.
The Aga Khan Schools
A portal for a network of private schools under the aegis of the Aga Khan Education Services.
Aga Khan Studs
The official Aga Khan Studs website containing information on the Aga Khan stallions, horses for sale, the history, the studs and all the latest news on the horses owned by the Aga Khan
Aga Khan University
Official site of the Aga Khan University. It contains the information about the programs offered, facilities, news and events.
The Institute of Ismaili Studies
Promotes scholarship and learning on Islam, with an emphasis on Shi'ism in general and its Ismaili Tariqah in particular. Includes information on research and teaching programs, publications and events.
The Ismaili
Official website of the Ismaili Muslim Community. Includes information on the Aga Khan, the Ismaili Community, news and press releases.
Ismaili Calendar
Website dedicated to remind important Ismaili festivals, congregations, ceremonies, and community events.
Ismaili Date
A dating website to connect Ismaili singles worldwide.
Ismaili Mail
A searchable blog of news, articles, pictures, and videos related to the Ismaili community.
Ismaili Pages
Latest news, articles, announcements, and pictures related to the Ismaili Muslim community.
Ismaili Philosophy - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy on the doctrine of the Ismaili interpretation of Islam.
Ismaili Spark
An online dating website for Ismaili Muslim community. This website has live video capability.
Ismaili Web
An introduction to Ismaili faith and practice; includes articles on Islam, Ismaili heroes, and commentary on current events.
Marry an ismaili date matrimonial
Marry An is the platform where you get mobile numbers and email addresses instantly. Our motive is fast results in helping you find your life partner online. Apne toh apne hote hein.
The site's focus is on the literary heritage of the Ismailis, through inspiring readings, interviews, and visual arts.
University of Central Asia
The University of Central Asia focuses on specific problems of the mountainous regions. Established through an international treaty between the Ismaili Imamat and the governments of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.
Wikipedia - Ismaili
Article on Wikipedia about the Ismaili sect of Islam with information on their history, beliefs, leaders and branches.
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