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Arabic/Islamic Mathematics
A history of mathematical concepts and development in the Muslim world, with biographies of Muslim mathematicians.
Centre for Islam and Science
An organization dedicated to the promotion of research and diffusion of knowledge on all aspects of Islam and science. Includes information about their publications and activities, a bibliography, and a collection of articles and biographies.
Digital Islam
Research project on Middle East, Islam and digital media.
How Islam Influenced Science
Article offering an overview of the impact of Islamic science on Europe in the Middle Ages.
The International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine.
Promotes public awareness of the contributions undertaken by scientists in the field of Islamic medical sciences. Includes articles, and information about membership and events.
Islamic Alchemy in the Context of Islamic Science
Includes a timeline of Islamic scientists from 700 to 1400 CE, and a collection of articles and book excerpts on specific scientists.
Islamic Astronomy
An article by Owen Gingerich, in Scientific American, on ancient astronomy preserved and improved in the Islamic empire.
Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts
Online documents for the U.S. National Library of Medicine exhibition celebrating the achievements of the medical profession in Islamic culture from the 9th to the 19th century.
Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Studies
Information about their vision, activities, publications, and events. [Based Birmingham, UK]
Islamic Medicine Online
A collection of articles covering the scientific accuracy of the Quran, medicine and medical ethics, and the historical contribution of Islam to medicine.
Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
Extensive information resource on Muslim contributions to science, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy in the Middle Ages. Includes articles and biographies.
Islamic Women in Science
An article by Farkhonda Hassan analyzes the position of women in science and technology in Muslim countries. (October 06, 2000)
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