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Are Islam and the West at Loggerheads?
Interview with Professor Fred Halliday of the London School of Economics on Islam's relationship with the West.
Bayt Al-Maqdis or Al-Arth Al-Muqaddasa
Emphasizes the Islamic character of the city, in particular the Al-Haram Ash-Shareef. Historical and structural information and photographs of Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa and Masjid Al-Qubba (As-Sakhra).
British Muslim Monthly Survey
A monthly collection of press clippings on Islam in the UK, by Birmingham University, organised by date and theme.
Center For Dialogues: Islamic World - U.S. - The West
Promotes dialogue between the west, the US, and the Islamic world. Includes articles, publications listing, resources, events, and contacts. [New York University]
Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia
A project of the Runnymede Trust (UK); includes information on their report published June 2004; includes extracts, and links.
Islam in the Post-Cold War Era
Online book analyzes the political, economic, and some other problems faced by the Islamic world and the role of Islam in the new millennium.
Islamic Human Rights Commission
An independent campaign and advocacy organization based in London, UK; works in partnership with Muslim and non-Muslim organizations for justice for all. Includes articles, action alerts, reports and briefings, and events listing.
Wikipedia encyclopedia article defines the term, summarizes its history, and gives examples. Includes links.
Kurzman, Charles
Of the Department of Sociology, University of N Carolina. Includes a collection of his articles, and abstracts of his books on modernist and liberal Islam, and on Muslim politics.
MCB Watch
An occasional personal weblog, monitoring and commenting on the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).
Misuse of Jihad
Jeremiah McAuliffe's explanation of how the Islamic term jihad is misused and mistranslated as "holy war".
Mullahs on the Mainframe - Modernity and Islamic Fundamentalism
Excerpt from a book by Jonah Blank, explaining why modernity and Islamic fundamentalism need not be mutually exclusive.
Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC)
Muslim civil liberties group with focus on non-violent Jihad and political activism. News and comment.
Muslim World Journal of Human Rights
International journal offering a medium for scholarly debate on various aspects of the question of human rights as it relates to the Muslim World. Includes articles, summaries, and details for subscription and submission.
Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States
Supports the implementation of the Islamic principle of consultation (Shura) in OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) member states. Information about its structure, conferences and activities.
The Production of Islamic Knowledge in Western Europe
A paper addressing a number of questions concerning Muslim religious authority in communities in Western Europe.
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