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Ahmed's World of Islam
A regular weblog from a Muslim in the UK, with his thoughts and links on the subject of Islam.
Weblogs include thoughts of a Muslim woman, clippings of news stories, and translation and commentary for verses of the Quran. Also includes an introduction to Islam, articles, and recommended reading.
Ammar, Abdul Moeed
Information about Islam and his personal profile; also some games.
Andalusian Reality
A weblog tracking the author's reading on Islam, and his reactions to it.
Azam, Dr Umar
Includes a collection of his writings on Islam, Muslims in Britain, science and religion, and dreams.
Choudhury, Hassan
A writer and author specializing inn Islam and issues of interest to the Muslim community in the West. Includes a collection of his articles.
Day in the Life of Muslim Kidz
The weblog of a home-schooled Muslim family; they comment on an eclectic range of issues and current affairs, from a child's point of view.
Discover Islam
Ahmed Moait's personal call to Muslims and non-Muslims to discover Islam.
Farooq, Samiuddin
Presents his profile and resumé. Includes a collection of articles and links of Islamic interest.
An American Pakistani male discusses Islam and the Quran; being a Muslim, he is a feminist, an activist, a thinker. Includes his weblog, creative writings and photos, and his profile.
Islam - Path to Paradise
A collection of articles on Muslim belief and religious practice.
Islam - The Religion Of Peace
Mohammed Ghouse of Maho, Sri Lanka presents the basic principles of his belief in Islam.
The Islamic Home Page
Abdullah Altinkaya's page, featuring information on human rights and modern science as they relate to Islam, and a discussion of the concept of tawheed.
A Journey Through Islam
A woman who has converted to Islam presents her personal journey; includes articles on Islam, and on women's status.
Khan, Hafsa
A collection of articles and sermons on Muslim belief and culture; also includes links to resources on Pakistan, and a personal and family profile.
Laurence Galian's Homepage
An author of books on Sufism shares his perceptions of Sufism, the Arab world in the media, and US politics.
Muslim by Choice
A personal weblog by a Muslima in the US; includes inspirational writings and consideration of some dilemnas faced by Muslims.
Muslim Photo Gallery
Photos from Muslim locations from all over the world reflecting the webmaster's travels.
The Muslimah Ya-ya
Weblog for Muslim women.
A group weblog of discourses on the intellectual traditions, political situation, and social ethics of Muslim life.
A weblog on Islam and perceptions of the Muslim community.
My Journey into Islam
Abdul-Rahim Borges' multilingual weblog about meeting the personal challenges set by Islam.
Möller, André
Personal website of a Swedish academic with interests in Islam in Indonesia and Java, and Ramadan.
Niqabi4Allah's Islamic Resource Page
Includes her perspective on Islam, and the Salafi Dawah; also includes links for home-schoolers, and about Muslim belief and practice.
Nizami, Agus
Makes a case for developing trade and commerce between Muslims. Also includes his profile, and articles about his interests.
Planet Grenada
A weblog on religion, culture and politics from the perspective of a modern-day Moor.
The Ramadan Diaries
A college student struggles with her spirituality during the month of Ramadan. An annual diary.
Said, Jawdat
An interview outlining the thoughts on non-violence of a Muslim thinker. [Arabic and English]
Sallam, Feras
A Palestinian presents his biography, poetry, and interests. Includes background on Palestine and on Islam.
Seth, Ubaid
A weblog on his personal interpretation of Islam.
Sisters in Faith
Ringside view of life as Muslim girls. A weblog by two young women, and their perspectives on life.
Souladvisor's Islamic Page
A convert to Islam shares her experience, with a collection of her poetry and articles.

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