Invitation to Islam, or Dawah, refers to introducing the faith to those who are not familiar with it. Islam is a universal religion, all are welcome in it and all are equal in the sight of God.

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Islam - The Modern Religion
An overview of Islam, many articles to introduce different aspects of the religion.
Book of Signs Foundation
Instruction on the Qur'an and Islam designed for those who receive our Quran distribution.
Discover Islam
Information on Islam. Free Discover Islam CD with complete text of Qur'an.
Discovering Islam
One of the largest Islamic sites, with hundreds of free online videos, online books, lots of information about Islam, Muslims, and stories of converts to Islam.
The faith
A collection of articles on Islam.
Information on Islam. Quran available free in several languages, online in many.
Future Islam
An online journal devoted to current issues such as the status and role of women, human rights and violence. The views espoused derive their ligitimacy from the divine revelation.
Introduction to Islam
How to be a Muslim, Islam and Christianity, Muslim groups in America.
Investigating Islam
A good source for introductory information on Islam.
Islam - the Ultimate Religion
Provides information on Islam, the Holy Quran and Sunnah
Islam Answering
Basic information for beginners, with answers to many questions.
Islam: Some Articles
A number of articles with the new Muslim or non-Muslim considering Islam in mind.
Islamic Research Foundation
Non-profit public charitable trust based in Mumbai, India; promotes Da’wah using modern technology for its activities. Includes FAQ, and information about their training activities.
Islamic Wisdom
The concepts of Religion, God, Prophethood in Islam.
Just Dawah
Dawah instruction, guidance for new Muslims, introduction to Islam.
The Key to Understanding Islam
Online version of a booklet which introduces Muslim faith, practice, and culture.
Last Miracle
General information on Islam.
MeccaCentric Da'wah Group
Offers a variety of audio-visual material for sale from speakers such as Hamza Yusuf, Abdal Hakim Murad, Muzammil Siddiqi and John Esposito.
The Message of Islam
A very brief statement of some central beliefs and aspects of Islam.
Message Of Messengers
Clarifying the misunderstandings regarding the messengers of God using Quran and the scriptures of Jews and Christians.
Muslims for Progressive Values
Presents views of progressive and liberal Muslims, introduces modernistic Islam.
The True Call - Islam
A guide for those seeking the truth. Has a section on Jesus and Christianity as well. Information on the resurrection of Jesus.
Truth Seeker
Information on Islam and various issues.
Turn To Islam
Media and articles showing the true teachings of Islam. Especially good on role of women in Islam. Has interviews and information on Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens).
Understanding Islamic Religion
This site provides information to help non- and new- Muslims understand the essentials of religion, god, belief, destiny, resurrection, meaning of life in general and Islamic faith in particular.
Why Islam
A site with introductory information about Islam, including some free brochures, offer of a free Qur'an. Section on Jesus as a prophet of Islam. Affiliated with ICNA.

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