The general Islam category holds sites about Islam in general, which we judge easily accessible to a general reader. The Invitation to Islam category may also contain general presentations the religion, but written for people interested in becoming a Muslim.

This category contains sites which, because of their content, language, terminology, or depth, are more suitable for users who already have a relatively advanced understanding or knowledge of Islam.

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A collection of audio-visual resources on Islam (in Arabic and English). Also offer downloads of software tools.
A guide to Muslim faith and practice.
Al Quran Wa Sunnah
Audio lectures in downloadable MP3 format files. (Site requires Flash)
Allexperts - Islam
A living FAQ page about Islam. Volunteer Muslims answer questions about the Islamic faith.
A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam
An online book which aims to help non-Muslims better understand Islam, Muslims, and the Holy Quran.
El-Hatef El-Islami (Islamic Phone)
Offers a phone-based service for questions answered and fatwas from Al-Azhar scholars. Includes profiles, samples and instructions.
Islam Way
A collection of articles and audio lectures on Muslim belief and practice, with Quran recitations. [Arabic and English]
Islam World
The site contains audio and video, images, software, prayers and history of Islam.
A collection of articles, online books, speeches, and commentary on the Qur'an.
Islamic Academy
A wide range of resources to enable Muslims to learn more about their faith; includes articles, audio files, fatwas, also a calendar and date converter. In English and Urdu.
Islamic Awareness
Offers a collection of articles and resources, mainly aimed at correcting the misconceptions of Christian missionaries and Orientalists.
Islamic Books
A collection of e-books on different aspects of Muslim belief and practice, categorised by level of interest, and including both Shi'a and Sunni material.
Islamic Perspectives
A collection of articles on Islam, history, and current political and economic issues by Dr Ahmad Shafaat.
A substantial collection of articles and resources on Muslim belief and practice. Includes an archive of fatwas, and reflections on the Hadith. In Arabic and English
A collection of khutbahs [sermons] for Friday prayers and for personal development, from N American, South African and UK sources. Includes text and audio resources.
Mission Islam
A collection of articles and audio resources exploring Muslim belief and practice.
Mufti Says
Provides a service for Muslims to ask advice of experts in belief and practice.
The Muslim Youth
A collection of articles on belief and practice; includes a section on fiqh (advice on religious law).
A collection of articles and audio resources specifically written for converts to Islam. Covers Muslim belief, practice, law, economics, and social aspects.
Noore Madinah Network
Articles, e-books and other documents, videos, audio files, Quran resources, images, and bookstore. Some resources also available in Urdu.
The Ultimate Truth
A collection of articles covering knowledge of Islamic belief and practice.
Understanding Islam
Articles and answers to questions in light of the Quran and Sunnah. Also features eBooks, periodicals, and analyses of Quranic verses.
Offers articles and e-books presenting Islam from a Brailvi perspective. Also includes audio resources, a forum, and prayer time calculator.

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