The category of Interreligious Dialogue contains sites that specialize in fostering respectful interaction and conversation between two or more religious traditions.

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A Common Word
An initiative by Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals from many different countries, denominations and schools of thought, identifying the teachings of Islam and declaring common ground with Christianity.
Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
Provides information on an ongoing effort to bring together different religious traditions from around the world looking to shape a better world, based in historical and current gatherings.
The Dialogue Institute
Holds an annual trialogue between international Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars. Includes articles on Deep Dialogue and electronic books from Leonard Swidler.
East-West Contemplative Dialogue
Concentrates on the dialogue between the Christian mystical tradition and Eastern forms of meditation and enlightenment in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
Global Ethic Foundation
Founded to publicise Hans Kung's "Global Ethic" and his idea of co-operation among the world's major religions through inter-cultural and inter-religious research, education and encounter. History, aims, organisation information, literature bibliographies, resources and projects. [German, English, Spanish and French]
Institute for Interreligious Dialogue
Iranian NGO promotes understanding of different religious traditions, publishes monthly newsletter Religious News. Information in English and Farsi.
The Jewish-Muslim Connection: Traditional Ways of Life
An article by Daniel Pipes comparing Islam and Judaism in detail, focusing on the development of rules and laws, ways of life, and coping with modern life.
Mixed Blessings Film
A documentary film about the challenges of raising children in a Jewish-Christian family.
National Interfaith Alliance
The Interfaith Alliance describes itself as "the faith-based voice countering the radical right and promoting the positive role of religion."
North American Interfaith Network
NAIN is an association of organizations which provides information, meetings, and services related to world religions, spiritual exploration, and interfaith issues.
Society for Hindu-Christian Studies
For scholars and others interested in the study of Hinduism, Christianity, and the interrelations between these two religious traditions.
Three Faiths Forum
Encourages people of Muslim, Christian and Jewish faith to meet, respect and understand one another, promoting training of ministers of religion in their common roots, understanding their differences and encourage respect for each other on a basis of equality.

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