For sites and pages which are primarily writings about humanism, including essays and news.
Affirming Humanism
What is humanism and what is it all about? How does it compare to religion? Some ideas from the Guide to Agnosticism and Atheism.
Daily Breadcrumbs
A three-year journey charting a course through the Bible and analyzing it as we go. Written by a secular humanist with a broad background in Christian and Jewish theology.
Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism
A peer reviewed scholarly journal that analyzes Humanism as applied to problems of public and everyday life. Features an online archive of previous issues with selected articles available for download in PDF format, and information to submit an essay for publication.
First Empty Your Cup
Free PDF book explores the perennial question of “What am I?” from spiritual philosophy perspective.
The Heart of Humanism
A blog by the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard, Greg M. Epstein who also writes for the Washington Post and Newsweek.
Humanism by Joseph C. Sommer
Index of articles and quotes on humanism.
The Humanist
Published by the American Humanist Association, features archive of previous issues with the full text of selected articles.
The Humanist Bible
A collection of aphorisms, epigrams, and musings on the human condition from a secular humanist perspective.
Humanistic Texts
A large collection of extracts from written works from different countries and cultures. Features a timeline of authors with biographical notes, and introductions with commentary on selected excerpts.
Jennifer Hancock is a writer, speaker and Humanist. She is the author of the Humanist Approach to Happiness
Philo Online
Online home of Philo: The Journal of the Society of Humanist Philosophers, a refereed journal of the philosophy of religion edited by Quentin Smith.
Swedish Humanist and Ethical Association
General information on humanism.
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