The Temple of Set is a magical, initiatory, and religious order, dedicated to the idea of Xeper (roughly translated as self development) and the inspiration of the ancient Egyptian god Set.

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Aquino, Dr. Michael A., VI*
Fictional works: The DaRk SIDe, Secret of the Lost Ark, and Grail Mission.
Balanone's Temple of Set FAQ
Handy FAQ concerning the Temple of Set -- The Temple of Set is probably best described as an initiatory magical order of the Left Hand Path.
Balanone's Temple of Set Information Site
Information site concerning the Temple of Set created by Balanone, long-time member of the Temple
The Gates of Hell
Designed to be used by those Initiates of the Temple of Set who are either geographically distant from one another or who prefer to work in an isolated environment.
Official website of the Temple of Set in North Europe
Magister Pridgen
Personal web site of the Grand Master of the Order of Xnum, intended to provide accurate information, essays, contacts, links, and resources about the Temple of Set.
The Order of Horus
Focuses upon power and is for those who, like the ancient pharaohs, would take the Falcon God as an emblem of their personal and unique power.
Order of Setne Khamuast
An Order of the Temple of Set dedicated to the reviving of the great Tradition through a mixture of scholarship and magical practice for the purpose of Xeper.
Order of the Trapezoid
The most culturally diverse order in the Temple of Set.
Order of the Vampyre
An Order which embraces the concepts of Essence, the "Force", and Immortality, through Xeper, the Word of the AEon of Set.
Order of Uart
This order concentrates on working magick through their art.
Temple of Set
The official homepage of the Temple of Set.
Temple of Set - Wikipedia
Balanced view on the Temple of Set.
The Temple of Set: Is it Satanic?
Essay by Magistra Lilith Aquino of the Temple of Set, answering this question.
TempleSet Chicago
Group is specifically for the Nuit's Arch Pylon, which is the Chicago area Pylon for the Temple of Set.

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