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1001 Spells
A large resource of spells available on a subscription basis.
Avalon Sanctuary
Become a Priestess or Druid Brother of Avalon via correspondence, weekend workshop or the Hedgerow school 30-day intensives in Avalon.
Clinica Theosofica
Offers a variety of magickal, astrological and hex breaking services.
Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic
Mystery school offering teleconference, online, self-paced and apprentice programs in magic and shamanism.
Esoteric Theological Seminary
Offers seminary degrees in alternative faiths, spiritual counseling and a variety of spiritual subjects. Ordains alternative multi-faith and interfaith clergy
ESP Laboratory of Texas
Books, gifts, videos and classes offering positive magickal help. Read testimonials, order, or become a member.
Excelex Light-Life Polarization Live Essence Technologies
Spiritual information, techniques, art and support tools to assist in the transmutational process providing harmonic alignment with the higher Self.
Gem N Aries
Selection of occult ritual and witchcraft supplies including candles, spell kits, books and other products.
Grandpa's General Store
A wide variety of unusual gifts and supplies of special interest to Pagans, occult and metaphysical seekers, with candles, incense, spellcraft, and ritual tools.
Greetings America
New Age merchandise, readings done with various types of divination tools and spells cast for yourself or others.
Magickal products from Indonesia. Amulets, talismans, magical powers from the Indonesian shamanic and Islamic occult traditions available.
Intrinsic Magik Oils
New Forest Witch offering spell kits and magick oils individually prepared by hand in a magick circle with no synthetic products. Tarot readings, crystal therapy, protection stones.
Isle of Avalon Foundation
Courses and information on Hedgewitchcraft and Rainbow Wicca.
Lily Therese: Angelic Spiritual Specialties Products
Special purpose candles, ritual kits, anointing oils, incense.
Satanic and left hand path books and supplies.
Maledicta Moonchild
Wiccan oriented mail order store books, jewelry, ritual and altar supplies. Also a personals section, resources and links.
My Sweet Goddess
Handmade spiritual candles and pillows, tarot and runes readings, reiki treatment and astrology.
Mystical World Of Umar
Offering various talismans for personal magickal use.
Phelan Psychic and Witch Practitioner
Spell kits, psychic readings, aura cleansings and general items for sale.
The Runes
Information on crystals, sabbats, candles, and an online store of supplies.
Sara Freder
Free horoscope reading. Magickal pendants and powders for sale.
The Sorceress Grove
Contains information, resources, downloads and other items for those interested in a more non-traditional view of the craft.
Provides an extensive range of magickal wares, tarot readings and other magickal services.
Tree of Light: A Journal of Magick and Mysticism
Eclectic occult magazine's informational site. Sample pages are available.
White Magic (Yahoo! Groups)
The Realm of White Magic's announcements to keep you up-to-date on new products and services as they become available.
Wicca Spells
Wiccan Spells to help you find and keep your true love.
Witch School
Offers classes including First Degree in the Correllian tradition.
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