Handmade occult, Pagan or metaphysical items.

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Bard Woodcrafts
Purveyors of hand-carved magick wands and staves for ritual and ceremonial use.
Chigoe Creek Staffs
Root topped wizard staffs from Eastern Red Cedar and other hardwoods, quartz crystal and wood sculptures, walking sticks along with gem and mineral display stands, and other decorative wood works. Custom work welcomed.
Creations by Sige
Handcrafted medallions and amulets, walking sticks and wands, jewelry, and erotic artwork.
Custom Cloaks
Choose from different fabrics, colors, lengths, and designs.
Dare to Dream
Custom Native american crafts, walking sticks, mandalas and dream catchers.
A Different Path
Handcrafted runes, candles, and ritual rattles.
Earth Matter Woodwork
Original designs in wood, including scrying mirrors, books of shadows, altar boxes and wands.
Handcrafted Pagan
Handmade gifts and Pagan ritual items include mini altars, cloaks, quilts, sculptures, jewelry, and spell kits.
Impressions By Lirica
Handcrafted Sabbat trays, tool boxes, portable altars, herbal products and other gifts.
Itchy Soul's Goddess Dolls & Ornaments
Handmade plush goddess dolls and other textile art by California artists.
Jase's Books
Handbound parchment journals, grimoires, diaries and albums with Gothic and Pagan themes. Accepts commissions.
Little Pagans
T-shirts and bibs for babies and toddlers that celebrate pagan, alternative, and Earth-centered themes.
Products listed in alphabetical order. Ships worldwide. Tracking facility.
Morganas Landing
Unique and handcrafted Book Of Shadows custom made your specifications.
Raven's Roost
Wholesaler of occult mineral carvings. Hard to find crystal skulls, animal, and statue carvings.
Spirit Of Old
Handcrafted Pagan ritual tools. Ogham staves, runes, wands and staffs.
Wands and wonders
Handcrafted wands, fairy doors, chalices, bowls and mushrooms from the south of England. Each piece made by us is unique and cannot be reproduced.
Wiccan Jewelry
Handcrafted circlets and other Pagan jewelry, Books of Shadows, altar pentacles, keychains and checkbooks.
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