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British based New Age gift shop selling figurines, books, clothing, pendulum and wands.
Ann George Sudios - Mystic Store
Ritual candles hand-poured. Hand-blended herbal incense for ritual and magickal workings also available.
Bellirosa's Needful Things
Offers a variety of general pagan supplies including instruments and art.
The Briar Rose
Handcrafted traditional witchcraft supplies including ritual oils, herbal remedies, and speciality live wood wands.
Specializes in handcrafted solid wood designer pagan altars, Books of Shadows, and themed wooden spirit boards. Original creator of Odin's Choice Futhark Runes. Custom, retail, and wholesale options.
Dreaming Gates
Mythological and metaphysical books and gifts.
Every Witch Way
Wiccan and Pagan supplies.
The Green Man
Products include candles and incense, offers services including advice and spell casting. Bricks and mortar presence in North Hollywood, California, USA.
Internet Ventures Online
Items available include runes, cauldrons and wishing bowls.
Lytha Studios
Fine Celtic and Pagan jewelry, clothing, books, essential oils, incense, candles, and music.
Magic Spells Shop
Offers a variety of spells and charms, as well as books and stones.
Magickal Moments
An occult store offering candles, incense, oils, crystals, kits and pewter figurines. Offers both retail and wholesale sales.
Moon's Light Magic
Online store with a wide selection of witchcraft, wiccan, occult, and metaphysical supplies.
Mother's Hearth
Rare hand rolled incense making kits and supplies, magickal ingredients, books and general new age items.
Mystical Moon Readings & Gifts
Online store carrying a selection of metaphysical and occult items.
Mythical Matters
Spiritual, cultural, and scientific marvels of the world that create a sense of wonderment. Lots of Made in Canada! Every sale supports Toronto Wildlife Centre!
The Natalie Lynn Company
Products include herbs, oil, incense and Angel themed items.
The New Age Source Store
Ships worldwide and products include crystals, dream catchers and water fountains.
Oddly Appealing
Specializing in Wiccan and Pagan-themed etched glass chalices, ritual items, and ornaments.
Olde Enchantments Online Store
Offering hand crafted planetary talismans, amulets, charms, and similar products.
Pagan Moon
Products include altar tables, candles and chalices.
Pagan Presence, Inc.
Serves the magikal and spiritual needs of Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and anyone interested in New Age/Occult products.
Pan's Pantry
Suppliers of incense resins and the rare gums of the grimoires.
The Pumpkin and the Cauldron
Offers witch supplies such as cloaks, herbs and smoke blends and crystals. Also offers tarot readings by email or phone.
Raven and Crone LLC
Wiccan and Pagan supplies with products including cauldrons, tarot bags and crystals. Searchable database.
Raven's Loft
Wide selection of tools, herbs and magickal items.
Raven's Mist Ritual Supplies
Products include athames, anointing oils and capes. Ships worldwide.
Ritual Magick
Source for wiccan and pagan altar tools and supplies.
Sacred Mists Shoppe
Carries ritual items including unique and imported products.
Sacred Source
Specializes in fair-trade statuary featuring ancient deities. Also offers pagan jewelry and music.
Snake And Snake Productions
Daily Lunar Phase information, t-shirts of moon, goddess, and pagan themes by Susan Baylies. Winter Solstice cards, lunar calendar, Goddess Grace exercise video.
Soma Luna Exotic Decor
Unique selection of candles, oils, and miscellaneous items for your temple.
Spells and Magic
A collection of unique, ancient, occult rituals, incantations and invocations for the conjuring of spirits and magickal workings.
Stained Witch
Candle spells and stained glass pentacles.
Stormjewel's Gifts
Offering a range of Wiccan and Pagan supplies and gifts as well as alternative jewellery, crystals, healing and divination tools and meditation music.
Thirteen Moons
Provides occult items such as brooms and besoms, altar cloths and scrying mirrors. Searchable by tag or search box. Testimonials and FAQs.
Wild Witches
Spell kits and other items for witches.
Offers a variety of pagan and metaphysical supplies including herb, spell, and incense making kits, clothing, jewelry, and books.
Witchy World
Metaphysical and New Age books. Handmade fairies, Goddess clothing, tools and supplies for today's Wicca Pagan practitioners.
Wren's Grove
Items include perfumes, crystal ball holders, jewelry and pendulums. Includes links to free meditations.
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