Theistic Satanists are those Satanists who believe in Satan as a literal existent being, whether human, spirit, alien, or god. Sometimes Satan is viewed as a friend -- a comrade, a fellow being which is an equal to be befriended just like any other person or being. Sometimes Satan is seen as an superior being, but not necessarily THE most superior being, who should be respected for the power s/he has. Sometimes s/he is seen as the supreme creator of all things; sometimes s/he is seen as BEING all things, the divinity inherent in All. Regardless of what the Traditional Satanist defines him/her as, the commonality therein is that Satan is a definable (if vaguely) external force which has an existence and usually consciousness in and of itself. This may or may not be an active consciousness, but is a consciousness of some sort.

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Brotherhood of Satan
Created to foster Unity in the Satanic and Left Hand Path Community and Teach real Generational and Theistic Satanism and other Left Hand Path Occult Sciences and practices
Church of Azazel
Based in New York City, USA. Founded by Diane Vera. Group with a polytheistic theology. Reveres Satan/Azazel as God of this world and God of one's innermost Will.
Joy of Satan
In-depth instruction in one form of spiritual Satanism, including demonology, black magick and the Goetics.
The Liberated Of Lucifer
A Satanic/Luciferian Church in Utah, focus on the practice of the Art of the Wise, becoming free from the bondage and slavery of god, becoming gods and goddesses.
Order of the Nine Angles
UK-based organisation. Archive of writings related to the ONA.
Ordo Hermetica Dominus Nox
Teaching the paths of Satanism, Gnosticism, Hermetics, Chaos Magick, Thelema and Cthonic Rites. Online memberships welcomed.
Ordo Templi Luciferi
Information and articles by a Luciferian magickal study group.
Temple of Satan
Worshipping Satan at real temples, opposing Judeo-Christian civilization, establishing a Satanic Imperium and practicing Satanic black magick in our Black Houses, Lodges and Schools for Devil Worshippers.
Theistic Satanism
Beliefs, background and responses to misconceptions. Features articles, FAQ, and links. By Diane Vera
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