Dr. John Dee (1527-1608/9) was the foremost scholar of his day, whose influence on the intellectual currents of Europe was far-reaching and profound, his work leading to the Rosicrucian manifestos, the rise of empiricism and the foundation of the Royal Society. However, as a neo-Platonist, his highest aim was to receive true wisdom from God; and so he is perhaps best known for the records of his "Actions with Spirits" which resulted from his association with the scryer Sir Edward Kelley, wherein is contained a system of classification of the universe based upon figurative, mathematical and linguistic lines.

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The John Dee Society
Includes a biography of John Dee by Charlotte Fell Smith (1909), and a thesis entitled "John Dee Studied as an English neo-Platonist" by I.R.F. Calder (1952).
Esoteric Archives: Writings of John Dee
Illustrated texts of various of John Dee's writings, including much pertaining to Enochian magick.
The Galileo Project: John Dee
A categorized outline of John Dee's life, including details on his education, scientific involvements, patronage, etc.
John Dee and Astrological Physics
A chapter from a book on astronomy and astrology, which discusses aspects of John Dee's "Hieroglyphic Monad" from a mathematical perspective.
John Dee and the English Calendar: Science, Religion and Empire
This paper deals with the English rejection of the Gregorian calendar in 1583 and John Dee’s proposal for calendar reform, seeking to set this episode in its cultural, political and intellectual context.
Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition - John Dee
An article on John Dee written from the perspective of the Western Mystery Tradition.
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A short biographical essay on John Dee.
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Project Gutenberg: The Private Diary of Dr. John Dee
J.O. Halliwell's redaction of John Dee's personal diary for the years 1554-1601, with Dee's catalogue of his books and manuscripts from the year 1583.
Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee: the Original 007
Considers the relationship between John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon, with notes upon the OO7 symbol.
Wikipedia: John Dee
A well-referenced biographical article on John Dee.
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