Enochian Magick is a system of magick that sprang from a series of skrying sessions or “Spirit Actions” conducted by two Englishmen, Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley, in the decade of the 1580s aera vulgari. Over the course of these sessions a number of angels, communicating by sight and sound with Edward Kelley, revealed a system of classification of the universe based on figurative, mathematical and linguistic lines. Implicit in this is a system of magickal attainment. Although Dee and Kelley apparently never fully explored the possibilities of the practical side of this magick, in later times the manuscript and printed records have been interpreted and used in many ways, most notably by S.L. MacGregor Mathers as part of the system of initiation of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and by Aleister Crowley and the A.’.A.’.

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Aaron Leitch's Published Works
Includes essays on the Angelic language amongst articles on grimoires and qabalah.
The Arcane Archive: Enochian
A collection of e-list discussions on Enochian magick.
The Enochian World of Benjamin Rowe
A collection of documents spanning ten years of personal Enochian workings.
The Flight of the Condor: Enochian Pages
Highlights a few aspects of the Golden Dawn Enochian system, and includes an article on Enochian Shamanism.
The Hermetic Library: An Enochian Miscellany
Essays and rituals on the Enochia, as well as an illustrated transcription of "Five Books of the Mysteries" by the Center for Enochian Studies.
Joel Biroco's KAOS
Contains various notes on the Enochia, and a personal record of some catastrophic Enochian workings.
The John Dee Publication Project
Contains transcriptions of the first three "Books of the Mysteries" (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) and an image of the Sigillum Dei.
Liber 418: XXX Aerum vel Saeculi: The Vision and the Voice
A detailed account of the Thirty Ayres as scried by Aleister Crowley, including an account of the Master of the Temple.
Liber 84 vel Chanokh
A brief abstract of the symbolic representation of the universe derived by Doctor John Dee through the skrying of Sir Edward Kelley.
Norton's Imperium: Enochian Magick Papers and Links
Papers on Enochian magick by Josh Norton, aka Benjamin Rowe.
Sacred Texts: Enochian Magic
Essays, rituals and notes on the Enochia, as well as a version of the Enochian Calls with interlinear translations.
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