Magick -- the popularity of the writings of Aleister Crowley and his post-Theosophical mystical preferences have influenced modern spelling conventions such that today more often than not stage MAGIC is differentiated from esoteric and occult MAGICK. this is the standard form accepted by DMOZ editors to cover the range of subject topics related to rituals, spells, ceremonial and other types of magick.

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Archangels and Angels
Covers archangels, angels and angelic magick.
Asiya's Shadows
Magick informational resources for Pagans and ceremonial magicians. Magical library, magical theory, magical techniques and rituals, correspondences, and commentaries.
Asteroth's Domain
Articles, book reviews, links and fora on occult subjects with emphasis on the Servants of the Light.
Biblioteca Arcana
Greek system of magick and ritual.
The Book of Thoth
Articles relating to Crowley, the occult, magick, mysticism and of course the tarot. Other prominent occultists and Western and Eastern Mystery School traditions also featured.
A comprehensive magical resource for the novice to the adept. Complete with spellwork, magical technique and theory, and divination.
Ceremonial Magick
Ra-Hoor-Khuit Magickal Library. You will find complete rituals for both Thelemic and Golden Dawn styles but also variations of each worked out over time.
Free Magick Course
A free course in practical magick and radionics, with lots of practical exercises
Article on the Goetia with a couple of related links.
The Hall of Legions and Library of Knowledge
Magic, mysticism and a listing of all casting arts.
Index of Angel Names, Magical Words, and Names of God
Sourced from various works of magick.
Inner Sanctum
Meant for beginning seekers. There are rituals, exercises, essays, lectures and links to help one on ones path.
Ishtar Magick
Simple folk spells for a variety of everyday occasions.
Lucid Zahor
The theory of inner transmutation, a system of magick for achieving spiritual immortality.
Ludwig's Tower
A place for beginning mages to obtain basic information on magic and the occult.
The Mystica: Magic
Various articles on magic and related material.
The Path of the Dragon
Exploring a new system of magick which incorporates Wicca, energy and a reexamination of runes.
Real Magick and Occult Archives
General magickal information geared toward the absolute beginner. Papers on basic energy working, rituals, enochiana, elimination of psychic disturbances and psychic self-defense.
RealMagick: The Occult and Pagan Library
A resource and library dedicated to fostering research and sharing of knowledge in areas such as Wicca, philosophy, parapsychology, and the paranormal.
Rituals and Texts
Collection of varied rituals with some pagan texts. Rituals contain tools needed and preparation.
Severe Dementia Library
Various magickal systems presented.
Spells and Spell-Casting
A comprehensive resource of spells. Contains articles on both the lighter and darker side of magick use.
Large quantities of hard to find magickal information and spells. Ancient occult incantations and knowledge.
Spiral Nature
Information about many systems of magick, techniques, and orders. Types of divination such as tarot, runes and I Ching are also discussed. Submissions welcome.
Sword Magick
Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.
Whispering Woods
Many esoteric subjects covered including meditation, dream work, and sigils.

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