Two alternative models of Discordianism are presented here. Both of these models are false and stupid. 1. Discordianism, also known as Erisianism, is an ancient irreligion, dating back to the Cthulhuvian epoch and High Atlantis, and concealing among its tenets the secrets of the cosmos and the guiding principles of all creation. Modern-day Discordianism arose following a supernatural visitation in a bowling alley in California. Among other things, Discordianism has its own calendar, holidays and saints. For more information, consult your pineal gland, and then consult the Principia Discordia. Or not. 2. Discordianism is a joke, but it conceals a serious commentary on religion's unfortunate tendency to make people unwilling to laugh at themselves. It is based on the ancient Greek legend of the Golden Apple of Kallisti ("To the Beautiful One"), which was reported by Lucian to have started the Trojan War, but which was unknown in Homer. Eris or Discordia was the Greek goddess of discord, usually portrayed in tattered and bloodstained clothing, and bringing omens of doom. In Discordianism she was reinterpreted into a more benign trickster, a symbol of the 1960's rebellion against corrupt and conformist social structures. Discordianism is best known not from its entertaining root scripture, Kerry Thornley's "Principia Discordia," but from the works of Robert Anton Wilson, the occult novelist who brought Discordianism to a wide audience. Aren't you glad you asked? PS. Discordianism exerted a major influence on the later traditions of Chaos Magick and the Church of the Sub-Genius.

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The Principia Discordia
Or, How I Found the Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her. The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger, wherein is explained everything worth knowing about absolutely anything.
Cabal of the Apathetic
Online Discordian Oracle, short texts, links, and tech support with a gun.
Church of the Attractive Blue Lighter
Three-fourths of philosophy and literature is the talk of people trying to convince themselves that they really like the cage they were tricked into entering.
The Church of the Holy Nymphlomanical Stoat
A small non-gathering of knowledge and people.
The Discordian Cabal of Cable
Texts, software and rants.
A Discordian Coloring Book
Chaos coloring for children.
Pope cards, the usual texts and some original ones (including "Fleertup the Happy Pig" and "How to be a Cultist"), with numerous links to Discordia and Robert Anton Wilson.
El Kabong Kabal's Home on the Web
FAQs for Discordia and El Kabong Kabal, intro to Erisian Leftism.
Brief description of Eris from the Encyclopedia Mythica.
God's Domain of unorthodox thought.
Disinformation on Discordianism, psychology, philosophy, and the Illuminati.
Confusion for a New Generation. Large collections of texts, links, and silliness.
The Order of the Beak
A cabal of writers, artists, and philosophers with nothing better to do than sit around appreciating life's weirdness. All because of a disembodied beak.
Principia Discordia, The
Articles and links.
The Principles of Discordian Magick
Developing and introducing this new system of magick.
The Second Coming of the Purple Sage Cabal
When the third Lord of the new frontier is in her seventeenth year, the Purple Sage will descend back upon the earth to redeem the faithful.
Personal pages with discordian information as part of it.
Yellow Submarine Cabal
Official Website of the Yellow Submarine Cabal, POEE.
The Zect of The Glorified L.A.R.D.
It has long been established that Eris is one. However falsities have been shown in the 'eris tale'. So the need for a new saviour has (of course) arisen.
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