Email lists are rebroadcasters to which you subscribe and to which you can send mail so that many other subscribers will read it. Usually they pertain to a specific subject, but can also be dedicated to a group or purpose other than this. Discussion groups are regularly meeting live-time gatherings in such servers as IRC (internet relay channels) and private communities such as at AOL (chatrooms). They are also community bulletin boards such as communication networks on private servers.

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Occult Corpus
A forum for occult practitioners of all paths, and persuasions.
Other Worlds
Discussions on the exploration of consciousness though magick and metaphysics.
Ravin's Freak Central Witch Haven Message Board
A message board for discussing witchcraft, entertainment, art, tattoos and personal issues with others of like mind.
Sacred Magick Forums
A forum for all topics related to the Western Mystery traditions.
Spirit World
Multinational Scandinavian and English forum discussing Wicca, Magick, shamanism, and Paganism.
Yahoo Groups: Alchemical_College
A place to discuss, learn about, and share things of a serious occult nature.
Yahoo Groups: Esoteric Philosophy
Discussion on the esoteric arts with a focus on Theosophy.
Yahoo Groups: Evola
Dedicated to discussion of Traditionalist thought in general and the works of Italian philosopher Baron Julius Evola in particular. Topics include magic and esoteric politics.
Yahoo Groups: Inner Sanctum Occult Network
Mature discussions on occult topics.
Yahoo Groups: Isis House
An open group of poets who are interested in Magick.
Yahoo Groups: Kcesoc
This group is for those who reside in the Greater Kansas City Missouri/Kansas Area and are interested in the discussion of some of the Esoteric Mysteries of life.
Yahoo Groups: Ophiel Magick
Ophiel (Edward C. Peach) wrote eight books during the 1960 - 70's on occult topics: astral projection, creative visualization, caballa magic, clairvoyance, contacting the demiurge, general occult, talismanic magic, and a system of divination he called the Oracle of Fortuna.
Yahoo Groups: Pfcbookclub
A forum for discussing the works of Dr. Paul Foster Case, former Praemonstrator General of the Golden Dawn of the United States, and later founder of the Builders of the Adytum.
Yahoo Groups: Psychopomp
A Pan-Esoteric Round Table made up of spiritually like-minded individuals, occultists and clergy.
Yahoo Groups: Real Magick
A forum for discussing real magick and the occult with practitioners of all styles in a positive and educational environment.
Yahoo Groups: Sorcery Society
General discussion on a variety of esoteric and occult subjects.
Yahoo Groups: Spiritual Occultist
Comprehensive discussions on a myriad of occult topics.
Yahoo Groups: Sword-n-Sorcery
Eclectic blend of topics regarding esoteria.
Yahoo Groups: The Golden Dawn Occult Society
General occult discussion with a slight focus on the Golden Dawn.
Yahoo Groups: The Mystery Tradition
Serious discussion and study of the Mystery Tradition, both east and west.
Yahoo Groups: The Oasis
Dedicated to seekers of truth, regardless of their spiritual path or tradition.
Yahoo Groups: Western Mysteries
For anyone interested in the serious discussion of the Western Mysteries.

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